Healers Urban Walkers Dog Boots for Cold, Heat & Terrain

Healers Urban Walkers Dog Boots for Cold, Heat & Terrain

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What Our Top Dog Says About the HEALERS Urban Walkers Dog Boots :

The HEALERS Dog Boots are designed by a former Nike Shoe designer and tested by the National Guide Dogs for the blind. Healers Dog Boots protect your dog's paws from all of the elements (heat, ice, and harmful chemicals.). The materials and flexible wrap-around design make them comfortable for your pet and EASY TO PUT ON. Also, they are the only dog boots that are sold in pairs, so you can customize the fit for your dog. Many breeds have larger paws in front than the back. Many larger breeds wear large on the front and medium/large on the back paws.

Give your dog the best dog boots on the market. Order the HEALERS Dog Boots today!

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Manufactured in the USA 
  • EASIEST dog boot to put on your dog's paw
  • The Healers wrap around design makes it easy to put on.
  • The Breath-o-prene technology wicks away moisture and is anti-microbial.
  • Set of two boots lets you mix and match your boots to accommodate different paw sizes
  • Healer Dog Boots Protect your dog's paws from all of the elements (heat, ice, and harmful chemicals).
  • The non-skid synthetic leather sole provides traction on hardwood floors and outdoors.
  • Lightweight - allowing pets natural motion and feel
  • Vet-recommended for dogs with skin conditions and other allergies
  • Soft boot materials and gentle wrap around Velcro provides superior comfort
  • Non-Slip Lining- keeps boots in place and prevents twisting
  • Wide-Strap spreads tension so not to cut blood flow or injure your doggie.
  • `Non-skid sole - perfect for slippery surfaces and all terrains
  • Able to be used indoors or outside year round
  • Made in the USA at an ISO 9001 facility for maximum durability

Click here to download the file to get your dog's paw measurement guide. Print it and put your dog's paw on it for measurements

Size Guide
Size Sample Breed Paw Size Average Weight
XS Toys, Maltese 1-4/5" 0-30 lbs
S Pugs, Terriers 2-1/8"

30-50 lbs

S/M Greyhounds, Poodles 2-3/8" 40-80 lbs
M Hounds, Spaniels, Labs 2-5/8" 50-90 lbs
M/L Labs, Retrievers, Shepherds 2-7/8" 65-100 lbs
L Shepherds, Retrievers 3-1/8" 95-125 lbs
XL Mastiffs, Saint Bernards 3-7/8" 125+ lbs


NOTE:  Depending on Breed, Back Paw May be one size smaller than Front.

The best way to measure for your dog boots is to have your dog stand on a piece of paper and draw around his paw.  Then measure the width at its widest point.  Choose the closes paw size from the chart.

The boots are a wrap around style to get a tight fit without cutting off circulation and the height typically lands right below the dew claw.

Watch Our Demo Video

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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