7 Tips To Keep Your Doggie Safe in the Water

7 Tips To Keep Your Doggie Safe in the Water

Just because doggies can naturally swim doesn't mean they are automatically safe in the water. Here are eight tips to keep your doggie safe and have fun in the water all summer long! 

1. Say ‘No’ to Floating Pool Covers
Floating covers might look nice on top of your pool, but they are very dangerous. Many dogs have died after falling into a covered pool. Falling underneath or on top of a floating cover is very disorienting. Many dogs can't find their way out. Instead of a floating cover, get a safety cover. A safety cover fits over the entire pool and is anchored in place. There is no way for a dog or a child to fall underneath a safety cover. 

2. Watch Your Doggie's Nails Around the Pool
The area around a pool is hard on your doggie's nails. Being around a pool is exciting for your doggie. That hard surface combined with your doggie running is hard on their nails. They can quickly wear down to the point of bleeding. Plus, the concrete around a pool can get very hot in the summer. So watch your doggie's paws, which can get burned. We suggest using dog cooling boots to protect your doggie's paws. 

3. Keep Your Doggy Calm Around the Pool 
It's not easy to do, because being around a pool is so exciting for your doggy, but teach your dog to calm down around the pool to lessen the chance of injury. It’s also important to teach your dog to remain calm when others are swimming. We suggest training your dog to calm down by having one person swim in the pool while the other walks the dog around the pool on a leash (with treats), rewarding your dog for calm behavior. 

4. Teach Your Doggie to Properly Enter and Exit the Pool

We offer a number of pool ladders to help your dog exit the pool correctly. Teaching your dog to use them is fairly easy. Just put them on a leash and walk them up and down the ladder a few times with treats at the top of the stairs. You might also want to give your doggie a life jacket to make them less nervous through this period. The key is to make the pool positive and get your dog on the steps.  As your dog begins swimming, a leash helps you redirect the dog back toward the stairs to exit. Be patient and reward your doggie for using the stairs.   

5. Study the Area Before Letting Your Doggie In the Pool

Before letting your doggie in the water, make sure dogs are allowed. Also, make sure that there are no hazards in the water (obstacles, fish, undertow, hazardous currents, etc)  that could harm your doggie. 

6. Don’t Let Your Doggie Drink the Water

Besides being in the water, drinking the water can also be hazardous to your doggie. Water from pools, rivers, ponds, lakes and the ocean is not good for your doggie. Bring fresh water instead.

7. After Swimming, Dry Your Doggie Off! 

Rinse off your doggie a swim in the pool, a lake, river, ocean, etc.. Chlorine and other chemicals from a pool can dry your doggie's coat and skin. And swimming in other water makes your doggie dirty! Two water harzards to pay attention to are ear infections and hot spots. 

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