Dogline Dog Life Jacket Flotation Device


What Our Top Dog Says About The Dogline Life Vest Flotation Device:

The Dogline Dog Life Vest will keep your dog safe while boating or swimming in the water. This vest is lightweight and features an advanced mesh underbelly which allows for proper draining and drying.  This makes it much more comfortable and cool for your dog than many traditional life vests.  Reflective strips provide added visibility, and the nylon handle on top allow for quick, easy control of your dog. 

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Floating chin support helps keep the dog's nose and mouth out of the water
  • Reflective trim and accents
  • Breathable, non-chafing materials for quick drying
  • A wide variety of sizes means there’s a perfect size for your pup
  • Durable handle on top to enable you to grab your pet out of water.
  • Adjustable nylon straps

Why Do Dogs Need Life Jackets?

Many people assume that all dogs are innate swimmers, but certain breeds - such as Basset Hounds, Pugs and English Bulldogs- sink in the water because their short legs can't keep their large, heavy bodies afloat. Even dogs that are strong swimmers can benefit from wearing a dog life jacket.

For many dogs, a lake, pond, ocean or even swimming pool is an open invitation to take a plunge

Dog life preservers are an important safety device for those owners who spend time on boats, at the beach, or around the pool. . It's important to remember that not all dogs know how to swim. Since fatal accidents can occur when curious dogs with no water skills fall in and panic. The strong handle on the back makes it easy to grab and help pull your dog from the water, and the bright color and reflective stripes make it easy to spot a pet in the water. Each dog life preserver is fully adjustable for a secure fit.

Size Guide

Size Girth Measurement (Inches) Neck Measurement (Inches)
XX Small 11" - 15" 7" - 9.5"
Extra Small 15" - 18"
8" - 12"
17" - 22"
14" - 20"
22" - 28"
17" - 23"
Large 26" - 34"
22" - 29"
Extra Large 32" - 41"
24" - 33"

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