Are Dog Boots Really Necessary?

Are Dog Boots Really Necessary?

When you think of "dog boots," do images of pampered pooches living in the lap of luxury come to mind? If so, you're not alone. For many people, dog boots seem to be more of a luxury rather than a necessary accessory. Believe it or not though, this doggie footwear has many uses to keep your pet comfortable and injury-free.

Does My Dog Need Boots?

Not all dogs have a need for footwear. Consider the type of activities your dog does and what kind of surface he does them on. If any of the following apply to your dog, he may need a set of dog boots to protect his feet.

  • You live in a part of the country that experiences snowy and icy winters where salt or other chemicals are used to keep sidewalks and streets clear. These types of chemicals can irritate the pads of your dog's feet, causing dryness and painful cracking and bleeding.

  • Your dog walks on hot pavement in the summer.

  • Your pooch walks and runs a lot.

  • You take your dog for walks over rough surfaces - rocks, thorns, foxtails, burrs, etc.

  • Your dog has a paw injury.

  • Your dog has a skin condition that causes him to scratch himself constantly.
Your dog's feet are tough, but extreme temperatures or toxic substances can leave them sore. Periodically take a look at your dog's feet and look for signs of injury. Gently press on the pads of his paws to check for sensitivity. If you notice any of the following, a pair of dog boots will help correct the issue.
  • Blisters
  • Burns
  • Swelling
  • Cracks/cuts
  • Redness
  • Seeds or burrs stuck between the pads
Most dogs will not need dog boots, but if your dog's paws are showing the wear and tear of an active lifestyle, consider getting him a set. Keeping your canine companion's feet comfortable will help keep him on the go!


  • AnnieTheGolden

    Hi there, thank you for your article. I think that protection for paws is necessary especially when you’re bring your dog on your hikes, etc. Here are some of my own recommendations:

  • Nancy

    We’ve tried a lot and it would be great to see what you recommend. The ones we have been happiest with so far are My Busy Dog boots. No stickers have gone through the shoe and they stay on almost all the time!

  • topdog

    We recommend the low-cost Pawks dog boots. They have a rubber sole on the bottom and they are easy to put on your dog

  • topdog

    We would recommend the Ultra Paws Traction Boots. They are lightweight and designed for wood floors.

  • cathy tipton

    I need dog boots for a dashound who likes to dig up my yard.What do you suggest?

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