How to Train your Dog to Wear Dog Boots

How to Train your Dog to Wear Dog Boots

How to Train your Dog to Wear Dog Boots

Winter brings extreme cold temperatures and toxic ice-melting chemical—both of which can wreak havoc on your pooch’s paws. And in California- excessive rain!

Many dog owners think dog boots are a good idea, but often complain that their pets just don’t like them or that the boots simply don’t stay on. The good news is, both of these concerns can be overcome by taking the time to train your dog and buying the right dog boots.

Training-Take it Step by Step Training your dog to wear boots is more about patience on your part rather than the dog’s. It will take some time, especially if your pooch has an issue with someone handling his feet. Work slowly and at your dog’s pace.

Step 1 – Have your dog in a standing position (get some help from another person if your dog won’t stand) on a non-slip area—carpet works best.

Step 2 – Slip a boot on one of his feet but don’t fasten it.

Step 3 – Take the boot off and reward your dog with a small treat.

Step 4 – The next day, repeat the process, only place the boot on a different foot. Don’t forget to reward your dog.

Step 5 – Repeat this process each day using a different foot. Once you’ve accomplished placing the boot on each foot individually, try putting boots on two paws at the same time. Each day, put the boots on two different paws.

Step 6 – Eventually work your way up to placing all four boots on your dog’s paws at the same time, but don’t fasten them.

Step 7 – Once your dog is comfortable with wearing all four boots unfastened, start the process over with one boot on one foot with a fastened boot. By this time, your dog should be pretty comfortable with you handling his feet and wearing the boots because he knows he’ll receive a tasty treat when he’s done.


  • Avoid letting your dog walk around in the boots at first. All it takes is one slip and fall or one shaken-off boot to set your training back.
  • Always reward your canine for a job well done when you remove the boots. This is important to successful training.
  • Don’t wait until mid-winter to introduce dog boots to your pet. Start before the cold weather hits to ensure he’s comfortable with them by the time he needs them.
Purchasing good quality dog boots will eliminate the “don’t-stay-on” complaint most dog owners have. You can find top quality dog boots designed to stay on at

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