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E-Collars & Onesies

Tips for Choosing the Right Post Surgery Solution:

  •  Need an e-collar? Try a soft ecollar.  The comfy cone prevents dogs from reaching most areas on their body
  • Injury is on the ears or top of the back?  the Kong air collar will work well for you
  • Dog hate cones?  Try the Tulanes Closet Onesie, it's great for dogs that were sprayed or neutered and can be worn anytime as a dog anti-anxiety garment
  • Injury to the legs or paws? Try dog leggings or gauze leg wraps 
  • Dog trying to lick the wound? Try bitter apple spray on the protective garment


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    All Four Paws Comfy Dog Cone
    From $ 22.99 $ 28.99
    Dog Leg Wraps | Leggings
    $ 31.99 $ 39.99
    Cat Post Surgery Onesie
    From $ 24.99 $ 29.99
    Comfy Cone for Cats
    From $ 12.99 $ 14.99
    Kong Inflatable E-Collar For Cats
    From $ 18.99 $ 28.99
    First Aid Kit
    $ 24.99 $ 29.99
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