Customer Favorites - Awarded the Safety Seal

The products on the KeepDoggieSafe website have have been tested and rated by a team of dog trainers and owners. Our dog testing panel is a diverse group of dog lovers across all regions in the USA and includes all size dogs from small to large.

Testing Requirements:

  • Evaluated by a team of dog testers chosen to be best suited for the product.
  • The testing panel has representatives with all different sizes of dogs, they are from every region of the country.
  • The testers are both friendly dog owners and trainers.
  • They do their best to try to break the product under all conditions, jumping dogs, cold or hot weather, walking and running, etc.


  • Durability How it holds up under dog stress & weather conditions.
  • Visibility (if reflective or lighted products).
  • Safety (non-toxic/ doesn't harm a dog in ANY WAY).
  • Value does this product deliver value for the price.
  • Usability is it easy to use, does it stay securely on the dog under all conditions.
Manufacturer Criteria:
  • Number 1- CARES ABOUT & UNDERSTANDS DOGS - The products were created to solve a dog need and not just mass market produced for business reasons.
  • Stands behind their product & listens to customer feedback.
  • Return rate under 5%.