How Can I Stop My Dog From Licking His Wound?

How Can I Stop My Dog From Licking His Wound?


Your dog's natural tendency is to lick the wound. 

However, the licking will delay the wound's healing process.  There are several products that were created to protect the wound, the wound's location determines which product is right for your dog's needs.



Licking the wound, can cause the following things:

  • If a dog licks the incision, the healing process may be delayed.
  • Licking can remove stitches and cause the incision to open
  • Licking can become a severe habit that is difficult to break
  • Licking can cause infection as the mouth has  bacteria
  • Dogs will frequently lick the incision when the owner is not watching such as at night time; if the skin looks red or excoriated the most common cause is from licking.
healer-dog-leg-wrapsTips To stop your pet from licking:

If your dog won't stop the obsessive licking, consult your vet.  They might need Anti-psychotic medication or other remedies.  Send us a live chat and tell us  about your needs and we will help guide you through the products so you find the right one for your dog.

We hope your best pal gets better soon !


  • Nancy sparks

    He has licked his paws to bleed . Vet did allergy pills , antibiotics , anziaty and pain pills . Fillally put cone on him even though he so anxious still licking been 5 weeks now off everything but cone

  • Tracy Tobert

    My dog got netuered and I see him every once in awhile licking it.i have made hima cone collar but it seems he still is finding a way to do it.can I put a bandage on the site .will that help.please help.thanks

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