Sport PAWks Anti-Slip Dog Socks

Sport PAWks Anti-Slip Dog Socks

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What Top Dog Says About Sports PAWks Indoor | Outdoor Dog Socks

PAWks anti-slip dog socks work well both indoors and outside. They feature an anti-slip wrap around silicone sole to keep the socks securely on your dog's feet. Stretchy cotton/spandex makes them ideal for both indoors and out.  PAWkz dog socks prevent your dog from scratching the floor. The rubber sole protect their paws and your floor.

These are great for keeping sand off paws and for a quick jaunt in the heat. If you are going to use them for cooling down their paws, we recommend adding a gauze pad to absorb the heat. It is important to keep your dog’s claws trimmed in order to prevent damaging tears. Initially, your dog may prance while wearing the socks. After a few walks, your dog should become accustomed to the feeling and walk naturally.

Protect your doggie from the elements. Get the PAWks Indoor/Outdoor socks today! 

Here Are The Doggie Details

  • Not for use in icy or freezing conditions
  • Anti-slip wrap-around rubber sole provides traction on slippery surfaces
  • Shields paws from hot asphalt, burs, foxtails, spiders, bees & natural hazards
  • Great for protecting wounds including dermatitis and granulomas, plus neurological and spinal issues
  • Preserves hardwood floors and prevents pet nail scratches
  • Stretchy cotton/spandex
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Protects against salt and other outdoor irritants
  • Manufactured for indoor and outdoor use
  • Add scotch-guard to protect them and make them waterproof
  • Sold in packs of four

Boot Training Tips

Training your dog to wear boots or socksis more about patience on your part rather than the dog’s. It will take some time, especially if your pooch has an issue with someone handling his feet. Work slowly and at your dog’s pace.

  1. Have your dog in a standing position (get some help from another person if your dog won’t stand) on a non-slip area—carpet works best.
  2. Slip a sock on one of his feet.
  3. Take the sock off and reward your dog with a small treat.
  4. The next day, repeat the process, only place the sock on a different foot. Don’t forget to reward your dog.
  5. Repeat this process each day using a different foot. Once you’ve accomplished placing the sock on each foot individually, try putting socks on two paws at the same time. Each day, put the socks on two different paws.
  6. Eventually work your way up to placing all four socks on your dog’s paws at the same time.
  7. Once your dog is comfortable with wearing all four socks because he knows he’ll receive a tasty treat when he’s done.
Size Guide

To get a front paw measurement have your doggie stand with their front paw on a piece of paper. Ensuring the dog's weight is on the paw, draw a line to the left and right of the widest part of the paw. Now you can simply measure the distance between the two lines to get the paw width measurement. 

For the best fit, trim your dog's nails before putting on the Pawks. If you are between sizes, we recommend the larger size. Dogs may prance when first wearing PAWks. Distract the dog with their favorite toy or treat until they get used to them. 


Paw Width (IN)


1 1/2


1 3/4




2 1/2



XS -  10 pounds or less

SML  11-20 pounds

MED  21-50 pounds

LRG  51-80 pounds

XL     81-150 pounds

Watch Our Demo Video
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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