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CR 2032 3V Batteries

From KeepDoggieSafe |

CR 2032 3V Batteries

From KeepDoggieSafe |
$ 5.00


We sell the CR2032V batteries at a discount price to ensure you always have batteries on hand to keep your dog safe.

The CR2032 3 Volt batteries work in the following products:

  • Nitebeam Dog Leashes & Collars - Needs 2 Batteries
  • Dog e-Glow Leashes & CollarsNeeds 2 Batteries
  • Dog e-Glow Lighted Harness - Needs 2 Batteries
  • Niteize Dog Collar CoverNeeds 2 Batteries
  • Niteize Dog Discuit - Needs 2 Batteries

Lithium batteries are premium compared to regular alkaline batteries. They have a 5-10 year shelf life, can work under extreme temperatures, and weigh one third less than alkalines. They can also stay powered longer.

Top Dog Safety Tip:

Please be sure to keep batteries away from dogs.

If your dog did swallow a battery, the most important initial treatment is to dilute the corrosive fluid. Small quantities of milk—based on the weight of the animal—can be given. Large amounts may cause diarrhea. Vomiting should not be induced without consulting a veterinarian, because if the dog vomits the corrosive fluid, the damage to his throat can be significantly increased.

If pieces of the battery are present in the stomach, surgery may be required to remove the battery and prevent further leakage of the fluid. An intact battery, on the other hand, may obstruct the intestine, requiring surgical removal. Sometimes, if the battery is intact, a high-fiber “bulking” diet may aid in passage of the battery.

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