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Kruuse Dog Elbow Protector For Rehab or Arthritis

From Kruuse

Kruuse Dog Elbow Protector For Rehab or Arthritis

From Kruuse

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Top Dog Tips About the Kruuse Dog Elbow Protector:

It is very tricky to protect a dog's elbow due to the extensive movement and the funnel shape of the elbow joint connected to a much smaller leg. 

The dog elbow protector is very well made but we are hearing reports of the elbow protector not staying put on the dog's elbow. For that reason, if you are buying the elbow protector, we recommend you also pick up a roll of flex tape to help secure it in place.

The Dog Elbow Protector can be used before &  after surgery and in cases of chronic arthritis ie. Osteoarthritis, OCD, Ligament Injuries, Arthritis, ED and other issues. Dogs that lie on hard surfaces, they often create elbow affilctions and need the padding of an elbow protector so the joint can heal.  Many dogs are afflicted by articular cartilage injuries or of articular cartilage wear on their elbows. Often it is related to the limited ability for the dog to be able to cope with exercise, training or competition.

Often a dog starts acting  lame or picking up their leg, which they can then ease by moving about a bit. When dogs exhibit these symptoms, an elbow protector is a good solution to offer the sore joint and ligaments support while keeping the elbow warm.

The dog elbow protector increases the heat, giving the muscles a better oxygen supply and better circulation.

For many dogs, the elbow protector can be decisive in how well they can adapt to their joint problems. It counteracts pain, swelling and gives muscles a chance to rest

Here Are The Doggie Details:

The Elbow Protector can be used before and after surgery and in connection with

  • Elbow Hygroma
  • Elbow Callus
  • Athritis
  • OCD
  • Ligament Injuries
  • Arthritis ED

The elbow protector is fastened above and under the joint with the aid of two velcro bands that run through loops in the protector so that it does not slide down the leg.  We also recommend buying the dog flex bandage to help secure the elbow protector so it doesn't slide up and down the dog's leg.

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

One (1) Elbow Protector for Dogs

Size Guide

If you can measure the circumference around the elbow joint- that is the KEY MEASUREMENT FOR FIT.  The trick is to prevent it from slipping. It's well made but you need to assure it doesn't slip.

Be sure to measure your dog so you get the right size. A snug fit is important to secure the leg. We have translated the size chart into inches.

SEE SIZE CHART under product picturesKeepDoggieSafe has translated the size guide into inches from centimeters.


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    • I need one for a toy poodle. Will the XSmall be small enough

      The extra small should fit a toy poodle.  Please double check the size chart for the back and neck size guideline

    • When will your XL be back in stock?

      We are not expecting the elbow protectors to be back in stock until July 2017.
      They are improving the design so it doesn't slip as much.  Fitting a dog's elbow is tricky because it's a funnel shape going from a large area to a smaller area.  For protection that is padded and will stay secure, we recommend the Healer Medical Wraps.

    • we own a german puppy four months old left elbow front she has a burser fluid her mes six inches with the fluid sack 9 inch what size should we order when you get items back in stock

      Our elbow protectors are expected back in stock by early July.  We have been working with WagSafely on prototypes and think we finally have one that will protect the dog elbow while allowing them to move.
      The tricky part is making sure they stay on, we think we have the solution but it's under dog testing.

      A puppy will keep growing, we will provide a size chart and it's best to measure the length behind her back and the length of the legs.

      Please check back by July 3rd for our elbow protectors

    • Hi. I see you are out of stock of all sizes except Medium. Will you get the other sizes again? Do you have a time frame of how long that will take?

      We are so sorry but the elbow protectors won\'t be in stock until the end of July.

    • Am needing a medium, do you know when they will be in stock?

      The elbow protector for dogs are back in stock. It\'s best to call or ask us a question about inventory using chat. Hope your dog feels better soon.

    • Would this elbow protector also provide protection/padding for hygromas?

      Yes the Dog Elbow Protector would provide prtoection with neoprene padding for hygromas.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Elbow Protector, Good Quality, Poor Performance

    Well made, but I could not get it to work and stay up on her arm without slipping down. The only way to get it to stay for any time was to tighten it too much, which I am not going to do.

    elbow support

    The item was great, my dog just would not tolerate. Course he is just a puppy I rescued with a broken humerus

    Nice Elbow Support

    After spending hundreds of dollars at the vet for xray and radiologist report, we were told that she has early dysplasia. We blocked all of our stairs, no running, no jumping, etc. It took 4 weeks and Billie is fine now. So I searched and found this product. This was exactly what I was looking for to use on my 1 year old Rottie, Billie Jean. She sprints and turns quickly so for those times that she has a limp, I now have the support she need.

    Elbow Protector

    We have a short stocky golden retriever who is 12 1/2 and having trouble with his elbows rubbing raw because he lays down so much. Love these protectors, but we are having a hard time with them slipping off. Otherwise, they are great for protecting his elbows.

    Helped with his callused elbows

    I bought for a common problem dogs have which is callused elbows that can become infected when laying on tile and hardwood floors etc. Nobody seems to carry a product that comes anywhere close to helping this ailment. Your website was the "more affordable" possibility. On the other end they make $200 elbow protectors. Seems silly