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Extra Balls for iFetch Machines

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Extra Balls for iFetch Machines

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What Our Top Dog Says About The ifetch Replacement Balls:

Ifetch Frenzy & Ifetch Machine for Small -Med Dogs use XSmall balls.  These balls are 1.5 inches in diameter and are best for small to medium size dogs.  They are sold in sets of 5.

IfetchToo Tennis Balls use standard size tennis balls. The ifetch Balls are sold in set of 3.

Here Are The Doggie Details:

Please choose the right size balls for your ifetch. Only the ifetchToo for larger dogs takes standard size balls.  The ifetch frenzy and ifetch standard take XSMALL balls

Ifetch Too Ball Choices:

  • Any standard-size  tennis ball will work with the ifetch Too. 
  • We carry the lighted meteorballs, blue ifetch balls, or the Kong Yellow Balls with Squeakers for ifetchToo.
  • Ifetch Replacement balls  are sold in set of Three (3) balls

Ifetch For Small | Medium Dogs & Ifetch Frenzy Ball Choices:

  • We recommend the yellow Kong Mini Tennis Balls with Squeakers because they are durable & more visible
  • We also carry the blue ifetch mini balls
  • Ifetch Replacement balls for the mini & Ifetch Frenzy are sold in sets of Five (5) balls

What My Top Dog Should Know About The ifetch Balls:

Choose from the yellow KONG balls with squeakers or the blue ifetch balls. Both will work in your iFetch  machine, just be sure to order the right size for your particular iFetch machine.

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

  • Five (5) Extra Balls for Small/Medium Ifetch  or ifetch Frenzy Ball Machine
  • Three (3)  Extra Balls for Large IfetchToo Ball Machine

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  • R these suitable for a Yorkie


    Yes the Small Balls for iFetch Machines are definitely suitable for Yorkies.

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