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Leash to Seatbelt Buckle

From Kurgo

Leash to Seatbelt Buckle

From Kurgo
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Top Dog Tips About the Leash to Seatbelt Buckle:

The  Leash to Seatbelt Buckle is makes your life easier by allowing you to use your dog's leash as a direct to seatbelt restraint. Simply attach the buckle to any 1" flat webbing leash, and you'll be able to buckle it right into the female slot of your car's existing seatbelt system.

The concept is not only to protect your pet while driving, it is also designed to eliminate driver distraction and keep your pet in one place at all times. 

Here Are The Doggie Details

  • Reduces driver distraction by preventing your pet from roaming.
  • Prevents your dog from jumping out of the vehicle.
  • Reflective so your dog is visible in the car at night
  • The seat belt tether also works as a leash to ensure your dog is never out of your control when taking them in and out of the car.
  • Tether allows your dog to sit, lie or stand comfortably.
  • Adjustable from 12" to 26".
  • Compatible with your existing seat belt hardware and secures into most seat belt buckles 

What You Should Know About Tethering Your Dog In The Car :

Do not attach the leash to your dog’s collar as this can cause serious injury or even death in the event of a motor vehicle accident. Attach to a harness only for maximum protection.

Seat Belts Can Save Your Dog's Life!

In case of an accident, if your dog is wearing a properly fitted harness and seat belt/tether:

  • they are prevented from being ejected from the vehicle. Even "low speed" accidents can result in a dog being propelled at 20 mph or more through a window or windshield.
  • Restrained dogs cannot collide with humans in the force of an accident, which can cause serious injury to both humans and dogs.
  • Restrained dogs are unable to dash out when a door is opened, preventing a lost dog. And this restraint removes any chance of the dog interfering with driving, tangling with police, or bolting in the event of an accident.

What Comes In The Doggie Bag

  • One (1) Leash to Seatbelt Buckle 

Question & Answers

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  • We have 2 Rottweilers - they ride on the floor in the backseat of a pickup - with the seats up - will these work in the scenario?

    The Dog Seat belt is very solidly built with a really strong clasp for the dog's harness.  It will hold a rottweiler.
    The key is that the seat belt buckle needs a seat belt clasp to attach to , if you have seat belt clasps in the back of the truck it will work.  Otherwise, they make tethers for securing dogs in pick ups.

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