Nite Beams LED Lighted Dog Collar


What Our Top Dog Says About The Nite Beams LED Lighted Dog Collar:

The Nite Beams LED Dog collar is a very durable and bright LED Collar. It is our top choice in a lighted dog collar. The battery pack is extremely secure and uses screws to attach it. This assures that the cap won't come off during dog play. For visibility, we recommend the lighter colored collars: green, orange and pink. The orange and green leashes are super bright and visible during the day time. The LED lights shine brightly through the nylon for maximum visibility. We'd recommend buying extra batteries so you are always safe.

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Visible from a distance of up to 1400 ft. or approximately 1/4 a mile giving motorists ample reaction time
  • Two Modes - constant light or flashing light
  • Made of high quality, durable, water resistant material that will last for years.
  • The fabric is very comfortable and non-abrasive.
  • Only Nite Beams LED Leashes have lights on both sides -Add the matching leash
  • Easy On/Off.  Just push the button on the battery case to select between On (constant light), Off or Flash.
  • Please note that the design of size small is slightly different than Medium - X Large, with a white stripe down the middle.  

Size Guide:

  • SMALL | (Neck sizes 9-13 in) - 2 oz
  • MED | (Neck sizes 13 - 19 in) - 2.7 oz
  • LARGE | (Neck sizes 19 - 24 in) - 3.2 oz
  • XLARGE |(Neck sizes 25 - 30 in) - 3.4 oz

Wrap a piece of string or paper strip loosely around your pet's neck. Mark the string or paper where it overlaps to form a complete circle. Measure that length which is the minimum size required.

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    Troubleshooting Information

    What do I do if my lighted dog collar or leash stopped working?

    A: The first thing to check is the batteries. Even though our inventory is all new, many lighted products are accidentally turned out in the shipping process. We test all collars that leave the warehouse but sometimes, it’s simply the batteries. If you find out it’s the batteries, send us a note and we will gladly ship you new batteries for your lighted dog collar or lighted dog leash. If it is another problem, email and we will send you the exchange information relative to that collar or leash. Nitebeam requests the return of the item so they can evaluate it so they can IMMEDIATELY reduce defective items.

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    Well designed product
    Love the collar.
    These leashes should be mandatory
    Light up dog collat
    Light up dog collat