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Waste Bag Carrier Leash Clip

From Alcott |

Waste Bag Carrier Leash Clip

From Alcott
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What Our Top Dog Says About The Alcott Essentials Waste Carrier

The Alcott Essentials Waste Carrier provides a convenient way to carry poop bags while walking your dog. Instead of lugging bags around while you walk, why not simply attach a few bags to your dogs leash?

The Alcott Essentials Waste Carrier connects to your dog's leash with a handy mechanism that allows waste bags to be easily retrieved. This rubber clip is also easy to use and can easily be attached or removed from any leash. No more touching or holding steamy poop bags. order !

We advocate this product because it reduces germs and lets the dog owner keep their hands free when walking.

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  •  Made of rubber for flexibility and durability
  • Attaches to any leash
  • Holds used and unused waste bags

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