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Pet Home Alone Emergency Wallet Cards

From WagSafely |

Pet Home Alone Emergency Wallet Cards

From WagSafely |
$ 4.99


What Our Top Dog Says About The Pet Safety Wallet Card:

How prepared are you ? .If you were in an injury, delayed in a foreign country, or had any other foreseen injury ...  How would people know that you  have a pet at home that needs attention ?

WagSafely's   Pet Home Alone Emergency Wallet Cards notify anyone caring for you that your pets are at home.  The responders can contact your emergency contact or vet and get someone to your house to save your pet.  We have added a field so they can be alerted if your dog has special needs.  For example, our dog just had back surgery, so we wouldn't want anyone dragging him outside on a walk.

The front of the card reads: MY PET IS HOME ALONE!   The back of the card is where you complete the emergency contact information: Name: Phone: Email: Pet’s Name(s): Number of Pets:, Medical Needs.

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Set of four or ten wallet cards ( so you can store them everywhere - car, home, wallet)
  • The wallet cards are the size of a business card  with a soft touch and a high gloss accent so it's visible
  • We donate $1 from every sale to pet rescues, we choose a different rescue every month. 20 % of the SALES price not profits !
  • Safety Red Color highlights safety, easy to read contact information fields
  • Please help educate the public by posting these in your local coffeehouse, supermarket or pet store. As we educate clerks, they will also alert people to start carrying the card
  • Business size cards fit easily into a jogging pack, purse or glove box.

Top Dog Tips & Advice About The Pet Safety Card:

In our opinion, you can't keep these in enough places, your car, in your elderly mom's bathrobe - in case she's rushed to the hospital, in your jogging fanny pack, wallet, etc. Please spread the word and save dogs with this low-cost dog safety card.


What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

  • Four (4) Pet Safety Cards
  • Ten (10) Pet Safety Cards

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  • What are the measurements of the Pet Home Alone Emergency Wallet Cards?

    3.5 x 2 inches

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