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Sleepypod Clickit Sport Crash-Tested Dog Car Harness

From SleepyPod

Sleepypod Clickit Sport Crash-Tested Dog Car Harness

From SleepyPod
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What Our Top Dog Says About The Sleepypod Crash-Tested Sport Car Harness:

Sleepypod Click-it Sport harness was named the 2013 Top Performing Pet Safety Harness in a Subaru of America, Inc. and Center for Pet Safety (CPS) collaborative study. The crash test measured the effectiveness of pet harnesses marketed with safety claims. Clickit Sport Dog Safety Harness is the only harness to earn safety certification and a five star rating from the Center for Pet Safety.

The Sleepypod Crash-Tested Sport Car Harness is light and easy to use, without sacrificing safety. Sleepypod rigorously tested Clickit Sport to include the same dynamic crash tests used to test child safety restraints. The Sleepypod Sport Harness is a bit easier to take on and off your dog than the Sleepypod Clickit Harness and can be used as an everyday harness. Both of the Sleepypod Car Safety Harnesses Passed the Subura Crash-Test. The Sleeepypod Sports Harness uses the Infinity Loop design which eliminates the need for strength-rated, steel bulky hardware.

Official Crash Test Results from Subaru & Center for Pet Safety

The Infinity Loop webbing design, in combination with a padded vest, work together to distribute and reduce damaging forces that can cause injury. Like Clickit Utility, Clickit Sport comes with three points of contact for the most advanced pet safety restraint technology. The three points of contact reduce forward and lateral movement in the event of a collision or sudden stop, protecting a pet that can become a deadly missile that potentially endangers human passengers.The Sleepypod Crash-Tested Sport Harness Don’t leave your best pal exposed to potential damage; get the Sleepypod Crash-Tested Sport Harness today!

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • FREE SHIPPING on Clickit Sport Dog Car Harness.
  • Reflective strips for added visibility.
  • Lightweight and easy to take on/off.
  • Clickit Sport Dog Safety Harness is the only harness to earn safety certification and a five star rating from the Center for Pet Safety.
  • Plenty of room for your dog to lie down in the back seat.
  • Three-point design for use in rear passenger seat secures a dog's upper and lower torsos.
  • The loops in the back of the harness are designed for you to thread the seat belts straps through them. This is the most secure way to secure your dog.
  • Three-point design is adjustable to two-point anchor usage for use in vehicle cargo area.
  • Strength tested, automotive grade materials and hardware.
  • Broad neoprene cushioned vest.
  • Easy to clean vest is made of luggage-grade, ballistic nylon Infinity Loop continuous webbing system insures the harness won't break.
  • Exceptional head excursion and lateral movement control Increased range so larger dogs will fit into harness.

Top Dog Tips & Advice About Sleepypod Crash-Tested Clickit Sport Harness:

The Sport Harness works in all cars containing a three-point lap and shoulder seat belt, it doesn't require the baby safety latch that is under the seats to install.  You do not need to purchase any additional seat belt tethers to use this harness in your vehicle appropriately, however many customers do purchase a safety tether to use in conjunction with the harness as an alternate means to secure the dog. 

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

  • One (1) Sleepypod Crash Tested Sport Harness

Size Guides

Sizes are determined by chest measurement around a dog’s rib cage, just behind the front legs. These harnesses run big, so if you are close between sizes, we always recommend sizing down.

  • Small: 16.5" to 22" inches
  • Medium: 22.5" to 28" inches
  • Large: 28.5" to 34" inches 
  • X-Large: 34.5" - 40" Girth

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  • This is a great safety idea. I see this comes in Xlarge. The size description in inches to assist buying the right product, only list small, medium and large. Do you know how many inches for the chest Xlarge is?

    Here\'s the measurements for the Sleepy Pod Crash-Tested Sports Harness: Small: 16.5\" - 22\" Girth Medium: 22.5\" - 28 Girth Large: 28.5\" - 34\" Girth X-Large: 34.5\" - 40\" Girth

  • Can the harness stay on the dog 24/7? Or should it be used only for transportation? Thank you.

    The Sleepy Pod Crash-Tested Sport Car Harness can be worn 24/7 because it is a lighter harness. We would recommend giving your dog a break once in a while or possibly taking off at night to sleep.

  • Does the small size work for a little dog weighing 8 pounds?

    No, there is no extra small for the SleepyPod Safety Harnesses.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Not for large pups

In the video, a small dog who sits patiently is shown an it looks quite simple to thread the seatbelt through the harness loops. With a larger dog, it is not as easy. Even with my dog sitting still, I had difficulty threading the seatbelt through. Not something I want to deal with every morning. And my puppy doesn't always sit that still, so I can't imagine trying to thread it through when he is antsier. Add to that he could not move around comfortably.

High Quality; Iffy Borderline Sizing

The good news: Upon close examination, the Sleepypod Clickit Sport Crash-Tested Dog Car Harness is clearly very well made; I have full confidence it will not fail in a crash.
The less-good news: My dog's girth behind the front legs is 28", which put him at the top end of the medium size harness according to the guide. I wondered if I should go up to the large, but the product info said the harnesses run big, so if your dog measures close to the break, order the smaller size; therefore, I stayed with the medium. However, with the front straps let all the way out, and the rear straps adjusted snug but not tight, the side loops through which the seat-belt is supposed to pass DO NOT rise even as high as the spine. The seat-belt goes through one loop, then has to rise up to the spine, then fall down the other side to pass through the second loop, NOT straight through, elevated above the spine as shown in the video. In a crash, when the dog flies forward and the seat belt draws those loops up & together, this will put extreme pressure directly on the spine behind the shoulders. I don't know if the product info meant to say the harnesses run small instead of big, or if my harness is misconstructed, or if there is some mystery adjustment that neither the written nor video instructions reveal. In any case, I had also ordered the Dog Car Safety Belt (tether) in order to have two options for restraining the dog. The tether clips directly to the leash rings without passing through the side loops, avoiding the possibility of belt-caused injury to the spine, but at the expense of the primary option/intent of the harness.

Great service and product

I am very happy with the Sleepypod harness, and the S-clip is handy. It deserves 5 stars. The service deserves 6 stars. It is wonderful. On the chat line Erin was courteous, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. The demonstration videos provided right on the website are very helpful. When there was some confusion about the shipping because the two items were being shipped separately, she called me within minutes after I sent an email asking for clarification, even though it was evening. I have already recommended Keep Doggie Safe to a couple of friends. The harness is well made and attractive. It was a bit tricky for me to figure out how to adjust on my 75-pound, deep-chested dog (but I find harnesses always are) and how to click it into the car's seat belts, but that probably wouldn't be a challenge for anyone who dealt with a child safety restraint or whatever they are called. My dog had no problem with wearing the harness on the ride or on a walk, but he is used to a harness anyway. So far we only have been on short rides with it. I think it is a very good product and I feel a lot better about my long-legged companion not being injured in a collision on a city street or a sudden stop even at 25 or 30 mph, which is where I do 99% of my driving. I think the padding at the chest would be a life-saver in an accident on the highway at moderate speeds.

Bought for car trips.

I found it difficult to adjust on my pug and the fabric very stiff

Sleepy pod

I could not make this fit my PWD. Started with a medium and then tried a large. I would have had to make major alterations. Service was great and returning easy. I do wish it would have worked.