3 Ways To Know You're Buying Safe Toys for Your Dog

3 Ways To Know You're Buying Safe Toys for Your Dog

Your dog’s toys are important to them. They should be equally as important to you. Toys provide stimulation in your absence, and they often give comfort when your pet is anxious. Many dogs carry their toys around with them as a security blanket, and there are often times when owners use toys as a way to redirect their dogs when they are being naughty, or doing something destructive. As a result, dog toys need to be able stand up to the tasks at hand. Cheaply made dog toys can pose many dangers to a dog’s health because they often break down quickly due to their shoddy construction, and inferior components.

If your dog has a tendency to trash their toys it may not make much sense to spend a lot of money on replacements, but you’ll save yourself money and a trip to the vet if you invest in durable toys made from non toxic materials. Avoid cheap chew toys. Toys like this are not durable, and the mechanism that produces the noises when your dog chews on it could become a choking hazard after the toy has been destroyed. The rubber these toys are made from also poses a risk, because certain chemicals that are present in many vinyls have been shown to cause a host of health problems for dogs.

Many cheaper toys these days contain the presence of chemicals known as Phthalates. When injected into rubber, phthalates cause the material to become soft and pliable. it also means that they easily leach back out of the rubber over time. Phthalates are getting a lot of attention because they have been linked to problems with kidney and liver function in humans, and as such are being banned in many countries. If Phthalates are not safe for human children, then they are definitely not safe for your dog either.

There are a few things you can look for and avoid when purchasing new toys for your dog. Firstly, any toy that has an overpowering odor of rubber is one to leave on the shelf. Strong smells like these indicate the presence of residual chemicals that are off gassing from the product. Another thing to look for is any dyed fabric or rope. Many tug toys are dyed bright colors. The chemicals found in the dyes that manufacturers use to color these toys are not tested for consumption, and things like lead, and other chemicals have been shown to be harmful to your dog when they leach out due to contact with your dog’s saliva.

Finally, you want to make sure that the materials the dog’s toy are constructed from are resistant to weathering like tearing, and flaking over time. Pieces from cheap toys, and even the common tennis ball can be easily eaten by your dog, and could cause damage to them internally.

WackyWalkr is a company that specializes in creating products that are ergonomically friendly, durable and 100% eco safe. Wunderball from WackyWalkr is a great example of a toy that is both durable and safe for your dog, because it is made from natural rubber. There’s no need to worry about your dog ingesting harmful pieces of rubber either because Wunderball is virtually indestructible. As an added bonus, the ball is also easy to clean.

Major Dog is a company that has the impressive distinction of being the first pet toy company in the world to have their toys tested to meet the same standards as children’s toys by the international testing agency TÜV Thüringen. All of their toys were designed by working extensively with dog trainers for several years to create products that deliver the highest levels of performance and function.

Toys from manufacturers like Major Dog are not only made to withstand everyday wear and tear from your dog, but they are made from safe materials that won’t degrade as quickly over time. Their fetch and tug toys also utilize tightly woven rope that won’t unravel as your dog pulls and gnaws on it.

The DogX fetch toy from Major Dog is a good example of a toy with the qualities you want to search for when buying a toy for your dog. The body of the toy is constructed from their famous soft rubber, and also utilizes tear resistant materials for both the added rope and fabric parts. The fact that the toy is abrasion resistant, and the fact that the ropes won’t fray or rip over time, you won’t have to worry about pieces of the toy being eaten by your pet.  This makes DogX a perfect toy for dogs of all sizes. Like the Wunderball, all Major Dog toys are simple to clean, because you can just toss their toys in the washing machine or dishwasher when they are too dirty.

Another great toy from Major Dog is the Ring Rudi fetch toy. This toy is great because it is not only easy to throw, but also easy for your dog to retrieve. The toy is constructed from Major Dog’s soft, sturdy rubber, and won’t tear apart like most rubber tug toys do over time. The nubs that cover the toy’s surface also serve to massage your dog’s gums and mouth, and the rubber will allow your dog to chew on the toy without you having to worry about the toy coming apart in pieces.

Your dog’s toys are integral parts of their everyday lives. Replacing broken or destroyed toys can become pricey, but it’s important to pay attention when looking for toys to add to your dog’s arsenal. Cheaply made toys are often more affordable, but they can cost you more money in the long run if your dog ingests harmful chemicals, or parts of the toy itself. Thankfully there are companies like WackyWalkr and Major Dog, whose main focus is producing toys that will only serve to enhance the life of your Dog, and never endanger it.  Those are the toys you want to spend your money on.

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