4 Must Have Items For Camping With Your Dog

4 Must Have Items For Camping With Your Dog

The days in between the official end of summer and beginning of the fall season are the perfect time to go camping. You get warm weather during the day, and cooler temperatures for sleeping at night. Of course, you could always run into a little rain here and there, but generally those summer storms only last for a few minutes at best. So, nothing to worry about… right? Almost right.

If there’s one thing you do want to worry about in regards to going camping, especially camping with your dog, it is making sure that you have the best equipment for the job. That’s what we’re going to talk about today. There are a ton of great, in-depth breakdowns of the best camping gear for humans online, so I’m going to let them handle that part of things and we’re going to talk about gear for dogs. We are a dog blog after all.

Here’s a list of all of my favorite dog camping gear.

First things first, if you are going camping you’re going to need a tent. It’s perfectly fine for you to let your dog hang out in your tent with you, but they may want to spend time in the tent when you aren’t around, and don’t want to leave your tent open to the elements. That’s where a good tent for dogs comes into the picture. With a tent of their very own, your dog will have a place that is set aside specifically for them, which you can feel comfortable leaving open. This will allow your dog to come and go as they please, instead of relying on you should they need to get out of the sun to cool down.

My choice of dog tent is the Explorer Pup Tent from Alcott. The reason I like this one so much is that it is nice and roomy, so I can fit a pretty sizable dog bed into the tent. Aside from that, it’s also sized to accommodate both the bed, and your dog (even dogs of larger breeds) at the same time. The Pup Tent also features five areas of ventilation for the best possible airflow inside of the tent. This will help to keep your dog cool when it is hot outside, and they need to take a break.

You’re going to need something to put inside of the tent for your dog to sleep on, so let’s move on to another camping essential: the sleeping bag. My recommendation for a really good dog sleeping bag actually comes from the same makers of the Pup Tent above, Alcott. The Explorer Sleeping Bag from Alcott is a personal favorite of mine because it is durable and lightweight, but super warm and cozy. It also comes with its own carrying case which makes breaking down camp a snap. If the bag seems a little dirty once you return home, you can simply toss it in the wash and it will be like new again. Easy to clean, lightweight, and durable sounds like a win in my book.

The next thing on my list is a good dog bowl. In this category I have a few favorites, depending on the occasion. I like the Yummy Bowl from Sleepypod for actual meal times when camping with my dog, but if I am going to be doing some hiking then I prefer to use the Dog Fountain Bowl from Hurtta. I’ll tell you what I like about each one.

Starting with the Yummy Bowl, there’s one main reason I like it so much and that is versatility. Even though it looks like 1 vessel, you actually get 2 separate bowls in one. This is great because a.) you can feed and water your pet at the same time, as if you were at home and b.) the second bowl is actually the lid to the first bowl. That’s right, it comes with a lid. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to feed your dog dinner while you are camping, and unintentionally sounding the dinner bell for a whole range of opportunistic critters. With the Yummy Bowl, you can cover your dog’s food up when they are not actively eating, which will protect it from any potential thieves who might find their way into your dog’s bowl. For added security, the Yummy bowl also features a special lip on one of the bowls that can be filled with water, essentially creating a moat around your dog’s food and any invading forces.

Now, if I’m going to be hiking, and I want to travel a little lighter for the journey, I will probably just hand feed my dog some snacks here and there, so I don’t really need a food bowl. I do still need a reliable water bowl for my dog while I’m on the trail though. That’s where the Fountain Bowl from Hurtta comes in. This bowl is great because I can collapse it, and stow it in my pack when not in use. It features a zipper, so that you can make the bowl as small as possible to save space in your bag, and when full it can hold a full liter of water. As with any good dog camping gear, it too is machine-washable.

Now that I mention hiking, that brings me to the final item on my list of personal favorites. If you are planning to go hiking, you probably already know that having the correct footwear is important. The same goes for your dog’s feet. Extended exposure to hard surfaces like gravel and rocks can really hurt your dog’s feet, and nothing will end a camping trip faster than a dog with an injury like a hurt foot. You can avoid all of that by investing in a good pair of boots for your dog, just as you would for yourself before going on a long hike. I recommend the Explorer Adventure Boots from none other than… Alcott! These boots are awesome because they are lightweight but still sturdy, and feature a tough non-slip rubber sole that is rated for all terrains. In addition, they are reflective, so if your dog should get lost for some reason, it will be easier to find them. This is all great stuff, but I think my favorite part about these boots is that my dog feels comfortable in them, and the lightness of the boots allows my dog to move naturally without feeling encumbered by them.

Of course, there are other little things I take with me, but these are the things that I always remember to bring when I am going camping with my dog because it feels like I can’t live without them. I hope this was helpful for anyone who might be planning a trip outdoors soon but doesn’t know what to bring. Thanks for reading!

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