4 Ways to Make Your Dog's Toys Last

4 Ways to Make Your Dog's Toys Last

Dog toys are expensive! You’ve probably spent hundreds of dollars on toys for your dog over the course of your lifetime. If you’ve got a dog who has a bad habit of destroying all of their toys, you may have even spent close to a thousand bucks on buying new toys, and then buying new toys to replace the ones you just bought after your dog destroyed them. Unfortunately, there’s not a concrete list of hard and fast rules for preserving the longevity of your dog’s toys, but I can at least offer you some tips I have picked up over the years that might come in handy.

How to make dog toys last:

  1. If you want toys for your dog that will last, purchase durable toys that aren’t likely to break. In other words, if your dog makes quick work of stuffed animals, don’t buy them stuffed animals. Instead opt for a toy that is intended for dogs who tend to play rough. Don’t be tempted to spend money on a bargain bin toy. Think of buying toys for your pooch as an investment.
  2. Put your dog’s toys away when they are not using them or when they are not being supervised. Simply put, if your dog can’t get to the toys, your dog can’t destroy them.
  3. Along these same lines, you can also cycle your dog’s toys in and out so that your dog doesn’t get tired of playing with the same toy, and so that each toy gets a break from your dog.
  4. Play games with your dog that aren’t reliant on a dog toy. You can do things like play fetch, or other interactive games with your dog that will provide a workout for their body and their mind, which will also keep them from dedicating too much time to one toy.

Maybe you don’t mind spending money on your dog, so you’re not as concerned about buying ultra durable dog toys. Let me tell you why you should be more concerned.

For starters, cheap dog toys are a lot more likely to be made from toxic plastic, and could be exposing your dog to poison. However those toys are generally pretty easy to avoid if you pay attention. Look out for anything that has an overwhelmingly plastic odor to it.

For me, the bigger issue is that cheap toys can often have small internal and external parts that could potentially harm your dog, cutting their mouth or worse. You definitely don’t want to make a trip to the emergency vet because your dog swallowed a battery or something more serious. Any toy with a squeaker, or some other easily removable piece, should be avoided.

Now I’ve told you why to keep your dog’s toys in good condition, and I told you how to do it. Now let me tell you about a few of my favorite dog toys that are affordable and extremely durable.

First up, we have probably my favorite dog toy of all time, and that is the Wunderball! Wunderball from Wacky Walk'r is a virtually indestructible alternative to the ball you use to play fetch. This ball is made from natural rubber, so it allows your dog’s teeth to sink into the surface of the ball but not to puncture it. This means you don’t have to worry about little chunks of rubber coming loose in your dog’s mouth, and as an added bonus it actually cleans your dog’s teeth while they play.

Next in my go to toy arsenal, we have the LED lighted products that are offered by NiteIze. I love both the Dog Discuit lighted frisbee and the Glowstreak LED ball. Both products are made from durable materials, and are great interactive toys to use when you play with your dog. I especially love they are designed to be used at night so it will be nearly impossible to lose these products in the dark. Both of these toys have batteries that are protected by a very sturdy covering that is virtually impossible for the dog to access.

Finally, We have an aquatic inspired product. I know it’s a little too cold in most places to go swimming with your dog, but Spring is approaching and I just think this product is too unique not to mention. That product is the Skipping Stones fetch toys from Kurgo. These are durable, organically shaped fetch toys are designed to skip across the surface of the water like stones, for your dog to chase after. You even get a decent arm workout flinging these “stones” across the water, and they are brightly colored so you’ll see them floating on the surface of the water from far away. I love them!

So to review, dog toys can be expensive, but many toys are cheaply made and are destroyed easily. You can avoid spending too much money on toys by purchasing ones that are specifically designed to be tough for dogs to ruin, and putting the toys away when the dogs are not being supervised. Cheap dog toys can be made from harmful toxic materials and your dog could end up ingesting plastic shards, stuffing, or some other kind of material from these toys, and wind up in the emergency room. I personally don’t like toys for chewers for this reason, so I try to play fetch and do other interactive playtime activities with my dog instead of leaving them alone to chew, If you have a dog that absolutely must chew, try a product from Kurgo or Wacky Walk'r that will be able to withstand their attentions. It is much easier to save money and preserve the longevity of your dog’s toys than you might think! Thanks for reading! Now go play!

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