10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer

10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer

10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer

At KeepDoggieSafe.com, we are always thinking about your dog’s safety. Now that summer is here, there are many dangers to your pet.

Heat is first. It is important to protect your dog from all temperature and weather extremes, but heat may top the list. Dogs do not tolerate heat as well as humans. A healthy dog’s body temperature is from 100 to 102.5 F, which is an advantage in winter, but on hot days, they can overheat quickly.

With that in mind, here are 10 ways to keep your dog safe this summer:

1. Don’t leave your dog in a closed car. Never leave your dog (or other pet) in the car for any length of time--even a few minutes. Even a cool, cloudy day is not safe as temperatures inside a car can climb 40 or more degrees above outside temperature, even with a window partly open.

2. Change your exercise schedule. If you walk or run with your dog, change your summer schedule to walk in the evening or early morning when it is cooler. Allow your dog to walk on grass as much as possible because sidewalks may be hot enough to burn your pet’s feet. Your dog is loyal and  will run with you, even if he or she is overheating. Do not allow this to happen. Carry water with you and find a shady spot to allow your pet to drink and cool down. Whether walking outdoors or when you are at home, be sure your dog has a supply of good, fresh drinking water at all times, especially in summer. However, do not allow your dog to drink pool water, which can make your pet sick.

3. Don’t let your pet eat plants. Dogs can become very ill from eating or chewing on plants such as Clematis, Rhododendron, Crocus, Azalea, Morning Glory, Daffodils and many other plants. Keep your pet away from all plants and flowers to be safe, and provide an outdoor grassy area with plenty of shade.

4. Keep your pet on a leash at all times when walking outdoors, and in a secure, fenced-in area when at home. Because their natural instinct is to run and chase things, they cannot be counted on not to run in front of a car, for instance. A lighted collar offers 360 visibility for any angle and blinkers are a quick add-on to a collar or leash. If you walk your dog at night or early in the morning, check out our large selection of lighted leashes .

5. Keep your dog secure inside. For dogs who live indoors, be sure window screens are tightly fitted and secure, and remind all family members to latch doors tightly, as people move in and out more frequently in summer weather.

6. Keep them away from the grill. When you have backyard barbecues with your dog in the yard, keep them away from products such as lighter fluid, charcoal briquettes, pesticides, citronella candles, etc.. Don’t let your dog run, play or lie down near or under the grill.

7. Vaccinate and protect your pet. Keep your pet’s vaccinations and flea and tick medications up to date. Fleas and ticks make life miserable for animals, and mosquitoes carry the potential for deadly heart-worms.

8. Remove ticks from your dog. If you take your dog hunting, fishing, or walking in woods or fields, always check his or her entire body carefully for ticks upon returning home. If you find one, do not apply products such as Vaseline, pesticides or hold a lighted match to the tick. These methods do not work, and cause more harm. Even pulling on a tick with a tweezers can leave parts under the skin. Instead, check out the Tick Twister, which will remove the entire tick with a twisting motion and cause no harm to your pet.

9. Prepare for natural disasters for your dog, too. When preparing for the possibility of a natural disaster, whether hurricane, tornado, flood or even severe thunderstorms that may cause power outages, do not forget your pets' needs. For instance, when storing water or food in a safe area, add enough to cover the needs of your animals, including their non-perishable food and any medications they need.

10. Make an evacuation plan for your dog. When forming a plan in case evacuation becomes necessary, remember to include your pet in the plan. Have a pet carrier and know exactly where it is as it may be hard to find something you do not use often in an emergency. Know where you will go and be sure your pet will be welcomed, whether to a relative, shelter or hotel room. Following these 10 ways to keep your dog safe this summer will provide peace of mind and a safe and enjoyable season for you and your beloved pets.


  • topdog

    Please see this video explaining how the cooling collar works for dogs. It drips water down their chest and belly helping cool them down.
    A cooling pad is also a great way to keep your dog cool.


  • topdog

    We would recommend the dog cooling boots that have a cooling element that deflects the heat.

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