8 Tips For Keeping Your Doggie Cool All Summer Long

8 Tips For Keeping Your Doggie Cool All Summer Long

Dog Days Of Summer - Keeping Your Dog Cool

Summer is always a challenging time for pets and their owners. Extreme heat in many parts of the country makes it hard to stay cool. Here are some ways to keep your doggie cool:

1. Never leave your dog in a car on warm days. We can't stress this enough. We even offer a card that you can put on people's cars that explains why it's dangerous to leave a dog in your car. 

2. When it’s hot outside, bring your dog inside. If you need air conditioning, chances are your dog does, too. If you must leave your dog outside, make sure he has plenty of shade, water, and ventilation. Keep in mind that fences can block much needed breezes and it can be much hotter outside than you think.

3. Never confine your dog or leave him crated in the sun. Use caution when leaving a crated dog under a shade awning, too. Remember that the sun moves and what was a shady spot can quickly become sun-baked. Please remember to put water in the crate on hot days.

4. Provide rest breaks in the shade and plenty of water on all outdoor excursions. Consider a doggie cool collar to keep your doggie cool when outside. 

5. Avoid overexertion on hot or humid days. Even if your dog generally joins you on a walk or run, extreme temperatures call for a change in routine. Instead, walk, exercise, and practice dog sports early in the morning or late in the day when the temperature is cooler.

6. A dip in cool water is one of the best ways for dogs (and people!) to cool off. Wet your dog with a hose, or provide water play like a sprinkler or a doggie swimming pool  

7. Protect your doggie's paws in hot weather. Walking on hot pavement can blister your doggie's paws. We suggest getting cool boots to protect their paws. 

8. Consider purchasing a dog cooling pad. We offer several different types of cooling pads that your dog can lie on in your car, in your home or in a shaded area outside. 

Enjoy the dog days of summer None of us (including our dogs) want to give up summer fun or the enjoyment of a warm day. But a little awareness and a heavy dose of caution will help you protect your dog from heat illness. Make sure  your doggie cools off. Make cooling activities part of your summer fun together! That way, you and your dog can enjoy the “dog days” all summer long.

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