Dog Cooling Vest and Cooling Collars Buying Guide

Dog Cooling Vest and Cooling Collars Buying Guide

Summer heat has the same effect on dogs as it does on humans: heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Dogs have very few sweat glands (in the pads of their feet) and do not sweat to cool their bodies like humans. Instead, they pant in an effort to release excess heat from their bodies. In extreme humidity and heat, panting may not be enough to keep them cool, so pet owners need to step in to help their pet cope with the heat. In addition to providing plenty of cool drinking water and access to shade, owners can use dog cooling vests and dog cooling collars to help their canine companions stay comfortable in hot, humid weather.

How Dog Cooling Vests Work

Dog cooling vests work on the same principle the human body uses to stay cool: evaporation. When a human perspires, the sweat evaporates, taking with it excess body heat. A cooling vest works in much the same way because it contains a special layer of fabric that absorbs and locks in water that evaporates over time, taking the dog’s excess body heat with it. Cooling vests can literally cool a dog from the inside out all day long by pulling excess heat from the dog’s bloodstream and distributing the coolness evenly throughout the body.  The key area to cool on a dog is its chest and neck. This is why the cooling vests and cooling collars work so well to keep your dog cool.


A key feature of dog cooling vests is their design. Made from highly breathable fabrics like 100 percent cotton, which can hold up to 400 times its weight in water and is non-toxic so it does not cause irritation and is not harmful if chewed, these vests are lightweight and comfortable to wear. The nylon outer layer dries quickly, while the water repellent inner layer keeps Fido nice and dry. It is critical to not trap heat in, but to allow it to escape through the evaporation magic of the inner cotton layer.

Cooling Vest Sizing

Dog cooling vests are designed to fit a dog from its neck to the base of its tail, covering all vital organs. Getting the correct size for your dog is important so the vest is comfortable to wear and provides the cooling effect throughout his body. The most important factor in determining the right size vest for a dog is its girth (the size in inches around the dog’s chest). Proper fit around will ensure proper cooling where it is needed most. The next factor in determining size is the length of the dog’s back. Dog cooling vests are sold in extra small to extra-extra large sizes – determined in inches for the girth of the dog.

Difficult to Fit Dogs

Some dogs, such as bulldogs, might be difficult to fit. Because they are rather large around with large necks and short bodies, it might be necessary to forgo the cooling vest and use a dog cooling pad instead. In addition, some dogs do not like water, so the cooling pad is a good option, as it does not require the use of water to activate its cooling properties. Dog cooling collars are another option for keeping hard to fit dogs comfortable in hot, humid weather.

How to use Dog Cooling Vests

Using dog cooling vests is simple.

  1. Immerse the vest in a basin full of cool water. Let it soak for a few minutes.
  2. Gently rubbing the vest will help it absorb water faster.
  3. Once completely soaked, remove the vest from the water and squeeze the excess water out of it. Pat dry with a towel
  4. Place the vest on the dog and adjust the neck and chest straps for a perfect fit.


  • The vest does not need refrigeration. However, if you want to make the vest cooler, you can put in the refrigerator.
  • Avoid using ice-cold water, especially on a dog that is already showing signs of heat exhaustion as it could put him in shock.
  • Dog cooling vests are not intended to prevent heat stroke all by themselves. Provide plenty of cool drinking water and shade even when the dog is wearing this product.
  • Dogs of all ages can wear dog cooling vests.
  • NEVER leave a dog in a hot car – even if wearing a dog cooling vest.

Dog Cooling Collars

There are two types of dog cooling collars: ones filled with ice and ones that cool through evaporation. The cooling collars filled with ice are placed in the freezer, and when worn, the ice melts and cools down the dog.

The cooling collars and scarves that cool through evaporation work in much the same way as the dog cooling vests. The collar is soaked in cool water and as the water evaporates, it takes the dog’s excess body heat with it. When dog cooling collars are used in combination  such as the Dog Cooling Collar , dogs stay super cool and comfortable in even the hottest temperatures.

Buying Dog Cooling Vests and Dog Cooling Collars o (KDS) carries a large selection of dog cooling vests in three different styles: the  Cool Pup Harness, The Doggie Cool Collar, the HyperKewl Evaporative Dog Cooling Coat, and the TechKewl Phase Change Cooling Vest. Each vest design is intended to keep dogs comfortable in high heat conditions through various cooling methods.

Cool Pup Reflective Harness
This unique cooling vest uses water or ice for cooling doggy comfort and contains UVF protection to protect your dog’s skin from the sun. The weight of the vest is determined by the amount of time the vest is soaked in water or how many ice packs are placed inside the coat’s pockets. The ice packs are very small and the vest can be worn with the ice packs or without.  The icepacks are made of a special material that doesn’t get too cold and will not hurt the dog’s skin.  The Cool Pup Reflective Harness is perfect for humid climates.
Special Features
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used with the ice pack or without the ice packs to cool your dog
  • Fabric exchanges body heat with coolness
  • Continually pulls body heat away from dog’s body
  • Comes with removable, reusable ice packs
  • Light-colored fabric blocks 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Available in XS to XL sizes to fit many breeds of dogs
  • Stays cool for up to six hours –varies with  the weather conditions and usage

HyperKewl Evaporating Dog Cooling Vest
Winner of the Best New Dog Product Award in 2010, and seen on Good Morning America, the HyperKewl Evaporating Dog Cooling Vest is truly a unique concept in dog cooling technology. Designed to work on the principle of evaporation, this vest is an effective way to keep doggy cool inside or out during hot weather. Due to its light weight and comfort fit, this cooling vest is suitable for wear during exercise or play.
Special Features
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Continually pulls body heat away from dog’s body
  • Use only in dry climates- too much humidity impacts the ability to evaporate
  • Keeps dogs cool for 5 to 10 hours
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Available in sizes from XS to XXL to feet many breeds of dogs
TechKewl Phase Change Cooling Vest

Designed to maintain a comfortable cool temperature of 58 degrees Fahrenheit, the TechKewl Phase Change Cooling Vest is perfect for working dogs that perform in high heat conditions. This vest uses a non-toxic chemical that stays at a constant comfortable temperature for 2 to 3 hours. The Phase Change vest absorbs and whisks away excess body heat to keep doggy cool.

Special Features
  • No water needed – 25 percent lighter than water
  • Provides cooling and heat stress relief in high heat conditions
  • Phase Change Material (PCM) Cool Pax provides a constant cooling temperature of 58 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 100 percent cotton outer layer
  • Comes with Cool Pax inserts
  • Available in S to XL sizes
Doggie Cool Collar
Protect your dog from the dangers of heat exhaustion and heat stroke with a Kool Kollar. The patented Cool Pax works indoors to keep your dog cool. Add ice cubes and put it on your dog for outdoor use and it acts like sweat, cooling your dog through evaporation.
Special Features
  • Melting ice simulates artificial sweat to cool through evaporation
  • Prevents heat exhaustion and heat stroke
  • Helps keep your dog cool in the summer heat
  • Use with included freezer tube (indoors) or with ice (outdoors)
  • Washable and reusable
  • Made in the USA
  • Vet recommended
  • Non-toxic
  • Available in S to L adjustable sizes
HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Scarf

Working on the principle of evaporation, the Cooling Scarf is made of 100 percent cotton and can be worn comfortably all day. It provides 5 to 10 hours of cooling per soaking by pulling excess body heat away from the neck area as the water evaporates.

Special Features
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Mimics sweating through evaporative technology to cool your dog
  • Quilted nylon outer layer with HyperKewl fabric inner layer and a water repellent nylon liner
  • Provides 5-10 hours of cooling relief
  • Fits small to large dogs – cut to size
  • Non-toxic
Caring for Dog Cooling Vests
If properly cared for, a dog cooling vest should last for years.
  • Hang dry after each use.
  • Hand wash only with mild soap in warm water. Hang dry.
  • Do not use bleach or tumble dry.
  • Do not use salt water to soak vest.
  • Dry completely before storing to prevent mold and mildew.


Dog cooling vests and dog cooling collars are a great way to ensure the safety of your dog during hot, humid conditions. When cool drinking water and shade are not enough, a cooling vest or cooling collar can provide extra cooling comfort to ward off heat exhaustion or heat stroke and possibly save your dog’s life. Be sure to measure carefully when sizing your dog to ensure proper fit so the cooling vest can effectively provide the cooling protection it is designed to do.


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  • Amanda Robertson

    Hi, I bought a cooling jacket for my dog, after not using it for several weeks I got it out the bag and found that it was very smelly and bit of mould. I have washed it and let it dry itself, but now it is rock hard! How am I meant to keep it from smelling and from going mouldy and how can I dry it when not in use without it snapping?
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