The Ultimate Dog Cooling Collar

The Ultimate Dog Cooling Collar

dog cool collar Hot weather is tough on dogs. Their average body temperature is 101-104 °, add lots of fur and the inability for them to sweat and they need help cooling down. Panting helps them relieve the heat but the only place they have sweat glands is on their paws.

There are two  ways to cool down your dog.

1- Evaporative cooling which slowly drips water on your dog creating artificial sweat. This technology is great in dry climates but it doesn't evaporate effectively in humid climates. Plus, if you are out hiking, there may not be a source of water to keep them cooled down.

2- Cooling inserts or ice. Ice is an effective way to cool down your dog but it melts fast and can cause shock or ice burn for your dog. Cooling inserts work by being cooled down or frozen, then inserted into the dog's collar.

We have both cooling methods;ice- which is applied safely to the outside of the cooling tube and the cooling inserts.  We have used a high-quality nylon so if the ice is on the dog's side, it won't cause an ice burn.

Currently, there are many inserts coming from China filled with toxic elements. So, our goal was to great a cooling collar that safely cools down your dog -IN ANY CLIMATE - and can easily be regenerated. 
First, we needed to find a safe cooling technology that was non-toxic. We found the  industry's leading experts on cooling technology, Techniche-International's patented phase-changing inserts. hangtag-5X3 -with 3-16 bpunch holeThese inserts can be cooled down simply by being in a temperature under 58°. The inserts are activated and then start their cooling process.  They last between 2-4 hours depending upon the temperature. They are non-toxic and made in the USA. We had ours specially-designed to be lightweight and to cool down fast. The Doggie Cool Collar is made of a durable cotton blend material. We chose the cotton blend, so if you wanted to add an ice cube to the outside of the insert to keep it cooler, it could melt and create evaporative cooling. The cooling collar is worn below their neck, so it cools down the arteries under their neck. We added a large reflective stripe to the collar for additional safety and to be sure you can find the collar and your dog ! in the dark. The elastic band gives the collar some give so it's never to tight around your dog's neck. We recommend stocking up on inserts so you can constantly change out the inserts and keep your dog cool all day. The cooling collar can be worn inside or outside because the cooling inserts don't drip or cause condensation. doggie-cool-collar-medium-dog-logoOur customers are reporting that their dogs are able to walk further when they are wearing the cooling collars.  Additionally, many people can't afford air conditioning and the cooling collar really helps cool down their dogs. 

We hope you love the collar and it helps your dog. As with all KeepDoggieSafe products, their are discounts for shelters and dog rescue groups. Keep Cool. Keep Safe with the DoggieCoolCollar

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