How to Walk Multiple Dogs SAFELY

How to Walk Multiple Dogs SAFELY

"How can I walk both of my dogs at the same time?"

"Is there a way to walk my big dog and little dog together?"

Every day we heard from pet owners who are tired of getting tangled up in leashes and not being able to safely control two or more dogs.

More alarming, we heard stories about people who were hiking with their two dogs on a coupler or leash & one dog was injured and they couldn't take them off the coupler. 

We reached out to WagSafely and helped them design the first safe walking system.

It's the safest because all of the  leashes & couplers are reflective with swivel hardware that reduces tangling. All hardware is designed for an easy ON|OFF. Many manufacturers sew it into the  O-ring to save money. The swivel clasps are what make the coupler or leash no-tangle, so when it's sewn in -it's not only not safe - it's prone to tangled dogs. 

Here's an Overview of Couplers, Triplers and Two Dog Leashes

  • A coupler lets you walk two dogs at once by attaching it to an existing leash. 

  • A tripler lets you walk three dogs at once by attaching it to an existing leash. 

  • A two dog leash is similar to a coupler in that you can walk two dogs at once, but you don't need an existing leash. And your dogs get more room. 

Let's take a closer look at each one:

How Couplers Work: 

Just as the name suggests, couplers “couple” two dogs so they can walk side by side at the end of a leash. Couplers attach to the end of any leash and  are great for two dogs that walk well on a leash and can do so together side by side.

TIP: When buying a coupler- please insure that your leash has a padded handle and is strong enough to bear the weight of two dogs. For the first time, you can walk two dogs of different sizes on the same coupler.

WagSafely is the only coupler that lets you choose one side for a large & one side for a small dog !

Do your two dogs like to roam?  Do you have one big and one small dog ? Then get the two dog no-tangle leash

This leash is reflective and tangle free. Plus, it's the only two-dog tangle free leash that lets you choose one side for a large dog and one side for a small dog. If you have two dogs that are the same size and walk together well, simply add a tangle-free coupler to one side of the leash.

What About Triplers?

If you are walking three dogs, you can get a tripler instead of a coupler. A tripler lets you walk three dogs on one leash. A tripler is best if your three dogs are about the same size and walk together well.

The WagSafely  tripler is designed to not tangle, as it uses swivel clasps attached to a specialized O-ring that allows each part of the tripler to detach. If one of your dogs gets in trouble or slows down, you can detach him from the other two. 


How Can I Walk Four Dogs Together?

You can walk four dogs on a double dog leash. Just put a coupler on each side.   We'd recommend placing the dogs that walk well together on the same side.  Once again, the WagSafely walking system lets you choose the size of the leashes and the sizes of the couplers TIP: Make sure your leash has a padded handle for the weight of four dogs!.

 If you have any questions or would like to order a custom-designed coupler and leash for walking multiple dogs, please call Keep Doggie Safe at 919-830-7399.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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  • Sally White

    I have a friend who owns multiple dogs and I liked the look of the 3-dog leash for a gift to her. Is that on sale and free delivery?
    I will try to call you.

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