Should I Buy A Leather Dog Collar?

Should I Buy A Leather Dog Collar?

There are several advantages to choosing a leather collar:

  • Durable: Leather dog collars don't fray or break and tend to last longer and look better longer
  • Buckles: Most nylon collars come with a snap-on plastic buckle. Leather collars normally have a belt buckle with holes which is more durable.  It's also better because it can be adjusted as your dog's hair grows out.  Or your puppy keeps growing.

There are two types of leather dog collars:

Flat collars: also known as buckle collars, are the most common type. They are best  for short-haired dogs since this type of collar may cause fur breakage around the neck of your long-haired dogs.

Rolled leather collars: are much thinner, narrow, and much lighter than the flat collar. The rounded shape makes a cord or rope-like structure that helps give it strength.  The soft rolled leather prevents matting and won't leave a flat spot on the dog's coat. They are also more suitable for dogs that have sensitive skin, or wrinkles and rolls. 

If your dog is a puller,we don't recommend a  rolled collar. It puts too much pressure on the windpipe. A wide, flat leather collar more evenly distributes the pressure.

Be sure to only purchase a genuine leather collar and not what is often called a PU leather collar. PU only looks like leather, it is a cheap, soft and not durable man-made material.

We are a big fan of the Dogline leather collection:

Dogline's fine 100% genuine cow leather collars bring together simplicity and elegance thanks to their elaborate workmanship.

Their leather collars are available in a wide range of 12 beautiful and rich colors in many different sizes. Each collar is dyed, meaning it will not lose it's color nor will the color come off.

All collars are handmade and stitched with wax thread. With a rivetless design which ultimately eliminates possibility of caught and broken hair, they are very padded and soft yet extremely durable. The European technology features nylon cord wrapped in leather, therefore they will not stretch or break.

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  • Marina Wellis

    I have a cute, new puppy that my mom gave me for my birthday, and I’m really excited to buy him everything that he needs. Being a lover of dogs, I know that one of the most important things that he needs to have is the collar, and I was wondering whether to buy plastic or leather. It was great that mentioned how durable a leather collar is, and that they tend to last and look better longer. I think that’s the perfect choice for my new pooch. Thanks!

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