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Couplers & Triplers

Top Dog's Tips for Choosing the Right Coupler or Tripler:

  • Want your dogs to be close together when walking? Choose a coupler.
  • Want each dog to have their own leash with more room to roam? Choose the two dog tangle free leash in the right size for your dogs.
  •  Tiny dogs? The small cloth coupler  has smallest &  lightest hardware.
  • Have two different sized dogs? Create a custom coupler with two different sizes 
  • Walking three dogs? If they walk together easily, choose a tripler.  If one dog walks differently than the other two, get a two dog tangle-free leash and add a coupler
 Learn more about walking multiple dogs:
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Rok Straps Stretch Dog Coupler
From $ 22.99 $ 39.99
Wacky Walkr Stretch Dog Coupler
From $ 31.99 $ 34.99
Adjustable Dog Couplers
From $ 9.99 $ 17.99
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