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Lighted Accessories

Top Dog's Tips for Choosing Lighted Accessories for You & Your Dog:

  • Want a solid, dependable, low cost light for your dog? Try the Spotlit, which is water resistant, available in a variety of colors and fits dogs of all sizes. For smaller dogs and cats, try the Petlit.
  • Want a super bright larger light? Check out one of our favorite products the Puplight 2
  • Need a light for your kids? The Cliplight is easy to turn on and off with a twist, very lightweight, and is a great light for leashes, backpacks, zippers, and more.  
  • Need lights for your bike? We have several choices: The Spokelit attaches to your bike wheels, whereas the Griplit attaches to your handlebars.
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Spotlit Dog Collar Light
$ 7.99 $ 12.99
Retractable Leash Light
$ 7.99 $ 9.99
LED SpokeLit Wheel Light
$ 9.99 $ 11.99
LED Zipper Light
$ 9.99 $ 10.99
Bicycle Helmet Light
$ 7.99 $ 9.99
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