4 Tips for Safe Hiking With Your Dog

4 Tips for Safe Hiking With Your Dog

Four Tips for Safe Hiking With Your Dog Hiking is a lot of fun, both for you and for your doggie. To ensure that you have a safe, fun, hike, first, make sure that your dog is fully vaccinated and all of his or her tags are on their collar or harness. Make sure that your contact info is on there as well in case your dog gets away from you during the hike. Here are four more tips for safe hiking with your dog:

Make sure your dog is properly hydrated to avoid overheating

    Proper hydration is essential especially if you are going out on a hot summer day. Bring a doggie water bottle with you on your hike. The Gulpy is our favorite because it’s a bottle and a bowl in one.  Don’t let your dog drink from streams or other bodies of water, as you don’t know if there are toxins present. Use fresh water from your home. And bring water for you too!

    Have first aid protection with you
    Injuries, wounds, bee stings and other maladies can happen during a hike. Bring a well equipped first aid kit with you.

    Use a standard or lighted leash

    Don’t use a retractable leash while hiking. Your dog can get tangled in the brush or wander off the trail. Use a leash that helps you control your dog during the hike. Also, do not let your dog wander off leash. Too dangerous, for you and your dog, who can easily get distracted by a small animal and run after it.

    After the walk
    When your hike is finished, examine your dog for ticks and other parasites. Examine your doggie’s belly, ears, skin folds, crevices and other areas. If you find a tick, use a tool like the Tick Twister to remove it. Ticks can easily transmit infections to your dog and to you, so be careful not to have any contact with the tick’s blood. Wash the area with alcohol to prevent infection. When you get home, make sure to reward your doggie for a hike well done!

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