Niteize Lighted Dog Collar Review

Niteize Lighted Dog Collar Review is the expert in lighted dog products.  We have been selling lighted collars and leashes since 2006.  Our offices have the lighted dog collar "Hall of Shame".  We have watching many lighted dog collar companies come and go over the last 10 years.  It's a tough business. 

We only carry products that have passed our customer dog panel tests and that are backed by quality manufacturers. 

Niteize is the manufacturer whose products we have been carrying for the longest time. The Following is our Review for the Niteize NiteDawg Glow Collars.

Niteize Lighted Collars are the classic dog lighted collars.  The collar is a softer glow and not as bright as other lighted dog collars but it is definitely visible.  These are the best collars for people with black dogs or older dogs that wander in the night as the lights aren't too bright but bright enough to be seen. The collars are available in both red and orange with a reflective stripe on the outside and a lighted glow stick inside.  While both colors offer high visibility, the orange is more visible than the red due to the lighter color of the nylon.

Niteize Lighted Dog Collars  have a steady and a flashing mode. As is the case in all lighted dog collars, the flash mode creates the most visibility and also uses less batteries. The collar is a bit bulky for smaller dogs due to the heavier weight of the lighted tube.  To use the collar, you first must size your dog's neck.  Then open up the collar, the pull out the nylon tube, cut it  to size, then reinsert the tube into the collar and you have a perfect fit. All Niteize Lighted Collars collars come pre-loaded with two CR2032V batteries. They have an easy to open battery pack and are very water-resistant by design. We strongly recommend stocking up on batteries. We offer them at a discount for our customers. The collars are water-resistant- not water-proof. They can take light rain but definitely- no swimming in the lake. The collars come in three different sizes:

  • Small: 10 - 13 inch neck size
  • Medium: 13 - 18 inch neck size
  • Large: 18 - 27 neck size
Be sure to check out the matching LED leash.
We also recommend adding a spotlit to increase the brightness
If you already have a collar, try one of the Niteize collar covers. They use the same lighted technology as the Niteize collars.

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