Nitebeam Collar and Leash Review

May 08, 2016

Nitebeam Collar and Leash Review

Review of Nitebeam Collars and Leashes from Top Dog: is the expert in lighted dog products. We have been selling lighted collars and leashes since 2006. We only carry products that have passed our customer dog-panel testing and are backed by the manufacturer. 

 Nitebeam Lighted Collars Product Line Review:

  • Nitebeam Lighted Collars are the classic LED lighted dog collar. The company is impassioned about creating and maintaining high standards for colors and performance.
  • The collars use colored LED lights encased inside a soft, nylon fabric. The LED light colors match the color of the collar. For example, red lights in the red collar, pink in the pink collar, etc.
  • Nitebeam LED pet collars have a steady and a flashing mode. As is the case with all lighted dog collars, the flashing mode creates the most visibility and also uses less battery power.
  • All Nitebeam collars come pre-loaded with two CR2032V batteries. We strongly recommend stocking up on batteries. We offer them at a discount for our customers.
  • Nitebeam honors a 90 day return policy which is one of the best in the lighted collar business.
  • The collars are water-resistant- not water-proof. They can take light rain but definitely- no swimming in the lake.
  • Be sure to check out the matching Nitebeam LED leashes. The leashes have two swivels and are visible from back and front.
  • Their leashes for smaller dogs are 3/5" wide and their leashes for larger dogs are 1" wide. Both are 6' long.

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