DogeGlow  Lighted Collar Review

DogeGlow Lighted Collar Review is the expert in lighted dog products.  We have been selling lighted collars and leashes since 2006. We only carry products that have passed our customer dog panel tests and that are backed by quality manufacturers.  We are pleased to carry Dog-e-Glow collars and leashes.

The Following is our Review for the Dog-e-Glow  Lighted Collars Product Line:

DogeGlow Lighted Collars are the classic LED lighted dog collar, but with a twist. They come in a variety of highly fashionable colors and patterns. While we will try to accommodate you if you want to special order a particular pattern, we highly recommend the Blue Bones and Pink Plaid patters for DogeGlow collars. The patterns we offer are the ones that offer the best brightness for your dog.

The collars use LED lights encased inside a soft, nylon fabric.  The lights match the color of the fabric - blue collars offer blue lights, pink offer pink, etc. Dog-e-Glow Collars are emerging as a new customer favorite! And it's no wonder. These are high quality lighted collars available in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes. The collars feature a steady glow and flash mode. Flash mode is the brightest and uses the least battery power. The batteries last approximately 150 hours and the LEDs last for 100,000 hours. These collars are fully weather resistant and visible up to 100 feet in the dark. Each collar comes with 2032 batteries pre-installed, PLUS a free set of replacement batteries. DogeGlow honors a 30 day return policy.   The collars are water-resistant- not water-proof. They can take light rain but definitely- no swimming in the lake.

The collars come in four different sizes:

  • S (Neck sizes 8" - 12")
  • M (Neck sizes 10" - 15")
  • L (Neck sizes 15" - 21")
  • XL (Neck sizes 18" -26").

Be sure to check out the matching DogeGlow LED leashes. 

The leashes are available in a number of sizes and patterns. matching patterns to the collars. They also come in two lengths - 5 foot long  (1/2 inch wide) for smaller dogs and 6 feet long (1 inch wide) for larger dogs.

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