2019 Holiday Gift Guide For Your Dog

2019 Holiday Gift Guide For Your Dog

What do you get for the dog who has everything? Not sure? Never fear, we are here for you! Follow this handy gift guide to make sure you’ve got all the best gifts for your pooch this holiday season. We made sure to make it easy for you by including things from multiple price points so you’ll be able to find affordable stocking stuffers and pricier gifts to spoil your pup with all in one place. We’ll start small and work our way toward the big ticket items at the end.

Wacky Walkr Wunderball

The Wunderball from Wacky Walkr is a great inexpensive dog toy that is both durable and 100% eco safe. Many cheap dog toys have a tendency to shed pieces of rubber or plastic that can become stuck in your dog’s digestive tract and cause serious problems that result in costly trips to the vet. There’s no need to worry about your dog ingesting harmful pieces of rubber with this toy because largest, strongest breeds. A great added function of this awesome dog toy is that is actually cleans your dog’s teeth while they play! As an added bonus, the ball is also easy to clean, and won’t leech harmful chemicals into your dog’s mouth during play time. The Wunderball comes in six fun colors so you can personalize your choice of Wunderball for your special pet for only $10.99!

Pure and Natural Pet Dog Dental Kit

We all know how important brushing your dog’s teeth is. Now you can make sure their teeth are clean and their breath is nice and fresh with the Pure and Natural Pet Dental Kit, retailing at $12.99. The low price of this product makes it a perfect stocking stuffer! This organic dental kit includes an .8oz tube of Pure and Natural Pet Organic Dental Gel, and a specially designed toothbrush that is made for your dog’s mouth to help you freshen their breath, fight the buildup of tartar and plaque that could cause gum disease further down the line. Pure and Natural Pet dental gel is certified USDA organic, free of chemicals, dyes, and is preservative free. This means that the gel does not contain fluoride, saccharin, or any artificial flavors so your dog will be totally safe while you clean their teeth and the gel is okay for the dog to ingest. This dental kit can be used 2 to 3 times a week to ensure proper dental health for your dog.

RC Pets Sport PAWKs Anti Slip Dog Socks

Keep your dog’s feet safe and comfortable for Christmas this year! Get your dog a pair of Sport Pawks anti slip sport socks, made by RC Pets. These socks are approved for outdoor use, as well as indoor use so they will not only protect your dog’s delicate feet, but the wraparound anti slip rubber sole will also protect your floor and your skin from scratches if your dog has longer nails. They are made of a cotton/spandex blend that is machine washable for easy cleaning. You can even apply Scotchgard to the socks to protect and waterproof them. The socks are available in six sizes, from XS to XL and six different color options. Each pack of Sport Pawks Sport Socks comes with 4 socks for the low price of $14.99!

Nite Ize Disco Spotlit

If you already have a collar for your dog that you are happy with, and don’t feel like spending any more money on an LED collar, you could always supplement the existing collar with a detachable collar light like the Disco Spotlit from Nite Ize for $19.99. This light attaches to any collar with a sturdy D-ring and it is also able to be set to one of four different solid colored lights or a color changing “disco” function. The four color light options are great for use with multiple dogs, in order to help tell each different dog apart with their own special color. The Disco Spotlit light is also rechargeable so you can skip out on buying batteries for this item and save some money in the process.

Nite Beams LED Collars, Harnesses, and Leashes

If you need a new collar, you’re in luck. Not only does Nite Beams make colorful light up LED collars, but they also have harnesses and leashes that light up to help keep your dog visible at night. All of their products are very durable and come with securely attached battery packs. Nite Beams products feature double sided construction so that the LED lights are visible on either side of the product, which helps to make sure your dog is able to be seen very well at night. In addition, this line features lots of fun colors to choose from and for each color, they feature corresponding LED lights in the same colors. The Nite Beams LED collar is affordable at $22.99 and would be an excellent smaller present for your dog. Gift them a new light up collar, and then take your dog outside to show off their new present, with two light modes that either flash or remain solid your dog will be able to show off from ¼ of a mile away!

Wacky Walkr No Pull Stretch Leash

Do you love walking the dog but hate when the dog pulls too hard on the leash and tires you out? The Wacky Walkr No Pull Stretch Leash is a customer favorite for several reasons. First, it is a long leash at 7.5” when fully stretched out so your dog has plenty of room to move around. Secondly, the design of the leash helps to gently correct your dog’s worst walking behaviors without jerking the leash, and possibly causing pain to the dog. The lightweight rubber leash is reinforced with a sturdy nylon cable that will not break when your dog pulls. This No Pull leash is available in seven different colors and in three different sizes so you will be equipped for a dog of any size, from mini-poodles all the way up to bigger dogs like Labradors and Boxers. This sturdy leash is just $31.99.

Sleepypod YummyBowl

Sleepypod makes an awesome product called the Yummy Bowl that is perfect for travel. The unique three piece construction of this product enables you to store and transport your dog’s food, and serve food and water at the same time without spilling. The base is a spill resistant water bowl while the food bowl portion of this product feats perfectly down inside of the water bowl when not in use, creating a spill resistant seal.The lid keeps everything closed up tightly when in transit, and when in use can be flipped over to become an extra bowl which will allow you to serve both wet and dry food separately! The coolest feature of this product is that the lid features a ‘saucer’ portion which can be filled with water to keep ants and any other small scavenging insects away from your dog’s food. The Sleepypod Yummy bowl costs $38.99 and is made from BPA-free food grade silicone and comes in two sizes, a small and medium.

RC Pets Polaris Reflective Dog Sweater


Everyone wants new clothes at the holidays! Do you take a lot of late night winter walks with your dog? If that sounds like your normal routine then you need to take a look at the Polaris reflective dog sweater from the makers at RC Pets, the same folks who brought you the Sport Pawks socks! The Polaris sweater employs the use of highly reflective yarn that will light up your dog in low light to ensure the maximum amount of visibility possible while outside. Not only is the sweater a great tool for dog visibility, but it is also a garment that will keep your pet warm in cold weather conditions with its snug fit, and mock turtleneck design that shields your pet from the wind and cold. The Polaris also features a two-way zipper so leashes and harnesses can be used in tandem with this warm sweater. The price tag for this item is $45.99 and the sweater is available in black, blue or purple colorways.

Sleepypod Clickit Sport Travel Harness


For all you holiday travelers out there, Sleepypod offers the Clickit Sport, a travel harness for dogs that features something called an Infinity Loop design. This infinity Loop, which redistributes and reduces damaging physical forces that can cause injury to your dog, actually works to reduce forward and lateral movement in the event of a collision. The Infinity Loop design also negates the need to use metal buckles to fasten your dog into their seat so you can drive to your destination peacefully with the knowledge that your dog is not only safe but also riding in comfort! The Clickit Sport is available in five different colors that range from a functional black to a bright and exciting orange! This harness ranges to fit dogs from small to extra large. The retail cost of this fantastic gift is $69.99 and worth every penny.

iFetch Interactive Fetch Toys

If you really feel the urge to spoil your dog this holiday season, then you should look no further, because iFetch has several products for you to choose from. Does your dog live to play fetch? If you’re unable to throw the ball to your dog for very long, look into getting your dog an iFetch for his "big gift"! iFetch is an automated ball launcher for indoor and outdoor use. It uses mini tennis balls 1.5 inches in diameter and can launch those balls from 10ft up to 30ft away! The iFetch is suggested for small to medium sized dogs, but never fear! If you own a large breed, iFetch has also got the iFetchToo! iFetchToo is able to toss balls up to 40 ft away! Both products run on batteries or AC power. If your dog is already fortunate enough to have one of these awesome products,maybe you need extra balls! We’ve got them for both ifetch and ifetch Too! The ifetch, and ifetch Too come in at around $120 and $200 respectively

So there you have it! The top 10 gifts that KeepDoggieSafe.com recommends for your dog this holiday season. With something for every dog, you’ll definitely be sure to make your dog’s year with any of these awesome gifts.

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