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10 Tips for Traveling with your Dog

10 Tips for Traveling with your Dog

It's important for your pet to be safe as they see the world with you.

Dogs love adventure as much as you do and  it is in their nature to explore new places and meet new people. However, often traveling with your dog can be difficult.  You need advanced planning for pet-friendly lodging and airlines but others arise such as the practicalities of dog travel.

Here's 10 Tips To Make Your Travel Easier

1. Purchase a good, solid dog carrier and a dog car harness.
Don't even consider traveling without one.  If you are traveling in your car,  it's not necessary to have a carrier but do choose a safe dog car seat with a seat belt tether. If you are flying, many airlines will offer to sell you one of theirs but they can be very costly. Visit your local pet store. When making your reservations check to see what the airlines policies are on pets. Some airlines require the dog to be in the luggage compartment, while others will allow you to keep the dog with you. 

2. Never ever leave your dog in a hot car, even if you roll the windows down. A car in the sun can reach temperatures of near 200 degrees causing heat stroke and even death to pets left in them.

3. Always use a leash and remain with your pet at all times. Dogs are very curious and in new places may try to run off and explore.

4. Never leave your dog unattended in his or her carrier.The theft or kidnapping of your dog is a very real possibility.

5.  Your dog must have adequate cooling to stay healthy during travel. Use a cool bed and/or a cooling collar, bring plenty of water, and check on your dog. and safe. Look for cars and cabins with air conditioning.

6.Be sure your pet has updated dog tags. As much as dog owners, hate to think about it, your dog is at the HIGHEST risk for getting lost for travel.  Print lots of FREE copies of our lost dog poster and keep them with you. There is no way you can get to a computer and get them done when you are stressed, and TIME IS CRITICAL.

7.  Bring your dogs food, toys, and other essentials to keep them happy.Dogs get bored too and a destructive dog and a car is not a good combination

8. Acquire a certification from your vet that shows your dog is current on all immunizations.

9. Create a doggy first aid kit for the trip.Bring their medicines,  comfy cone , and  a wound boot.  Better safe than sorry.

10. Ensure your dog has the chance to potty every few hours. When in unfamiliar places like this your dog's regular potty schedule will be interrupted and you don't want any embarrassing issues. If traveling to a theme park, check with employees about places setup for your dog to potty in. Most will have areas around the park for you to use.

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