Is it Healthy for my Dog to Sleep in Bed with Me?

Is it Healthy for my Dog to Sleep in Bed with Me?

Making the decision to allow Fido to sleep in the bed is an easy one for many pet owners. According to one study conducted by the American Pet Products Association, almost one half of dogs sleep in the bed with their owners and a whopping 62% of cats do, too! 

We here at Keep Doggie Safe are in the majority - Wrigley not only sleeps in our bed but in the middle of the bed. There are definite pros and cons to sharing your bed with your furry companions, so keep reading if you're undecided.

To Share or Not to Share your Bed

There's no doubt that owning a pet provides plenty of health benefits. Sharing your bed with your pet extends those benefits throughout the night. Pet owners are typically happier, healthier, less-stressed people. Sleeping with your pet can provide a level of comfort throughout the night. Some pet owners feel safer with their pets in the room, and even sleep better with a warm, fuzzy body in the bed with them. Plus, pets make great foot warmers on cold, winter nights! The downside to sleeping with a pet is allergies. Those that suffer pet allergies might find that sleeping with their beloved cat or dog exacerbates their allergies. In addition, light sleepers may find it harder to fall asleep or stay asleep with a snoring or bed-hogging pet in their bed. Since most pet lovers typically won't kick Fido out of the bedroom, there are a couple of solutions to these problems. For allergy suffers, allergy shots or pills can help alleviate allergy symptoms so your pet can stay in the bed with you. Regular cleaning (changing sheets, vacuuming, and dusting) will also help keep pet hair and dander to a minimum. For light sleepers and insomniacs, moving your pet to his own bed or crate inside the bedroom may help.

Make it Easy and Safe

If you decide to let your dog or cat sleep in the bed with you, make it easy and safe for them to get on and off the bed by using pet stairs. These are especially helpful for small and older pets since many of today's mattresses are rather thick. With pet stairs, you won't be bothered in the middle of the night by a dog who wants to get down, and you won't have to worry about injuries caused by a fall or jump from a high bed.

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