Holiday Foods That Are Safe for Dogs

Holiday Foods That Are Safe for Dogs

Is your dog begging in the kitchen?  Are they staring at you while you are eating Christmas Cookies?




Just like you don't want to eat too much, make sure your dog doesn't get too much.

Here are some tips on popular holiday foods:

Turkey - It's okay to give your dog some turkey, but don't overdo it. You can give him or her a small amount of dark meat and skin, but in general stick to light meat. And stay away from bones. Don't give your dog wings or drumsticks. The bones can get stuck in their teeth, or worse stuck in their throat.

Mashed Potatoes - If the potatoes are plain and bland, it's okay to feed your dog some. However, some people put butter and heavy cream in their mashed potatoes. Those aren't good for you or your doggie. Plus, if you add onions, garlic, scallions, chives or leeks to your potatoes, DO NOT feed them to your dog. All of these are toxic to both your dog and your cat. Green Bean Casserole- Green beans are good for your dogs. But if you make your casserole with mushroom soup and fried onions, don't give those to your dog. Take the green beans out of the casserole and rinse them off. Then give some of those to your doggie.

Homemade Rolls - It's okay to give your dog some of a roll, but make sure it doesn't have a lot of butter on it. Also, don't overdo it. Your dog doesn't need a lot of bread.


FOODS NOT TO SHARE WITH YOUR DOG ! Turkey Gravy -The turkey stock, pepper and seasonings are not good for your dog. Don't give them any.

Stuffing -Stuffing is similar to mashed potatoes. If you make it bland with little fat, you can give your doggie some. However, most stuffing has fat, butter and other rich ingredients. Also, if your stuffing has onions, garlic, scallions, chives or leeks, keep them away from your pets.

Cranberry Sauce – Sugar isn't good for your dog. And cranberry sauce has lots of it. Plus, many cranberry sauces have nuts, which can sometimes be toxic. Also, if there are grapes or raisins, those can also be toxic. If it's candied or buttery, that's more problems for your dog. In general, keep these away from your dog.

Apple Pie | Pumpkin Pie –Again, too much sugar. It's not a good idea to give your pets anything with sugar.

After the meal - look out! Make sure you put food out of reach for your dog. They have been known to take food off the table, counter or even out of the trash if no one is watching. And keep leftovers out of reach. Thanksgiving is not about food. It's about family and your best pals.

Have a great Howliday!Save


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