Buying Cheap Dog Supplies ? Think Again. Questions You Should Ask.

Buying Cheap Dog Supplies ? Think Again. Questions You Should Ask.

On  a recent visit with a major pet manufacturer, we were shocked to learn that they were just rolling out products without any understanding how they would be used by dogs and their owner. 

Product features such as batteries (not secured safely), Velcro attachments which catch a dog's fur, sizes that didn't make sense for any breed we know, and cheaply manufactured products that haven't been tested like the USA made products. 

When we were asking how it would be used and what need it solved for a dog, we were met with surprised looks, they didn't even think of these questions. It's all for profit only.

At KeepDoggieSafe, we carefully screen ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS to insure they are high quality and safe.  They must be non-toxic, be solidly-constructed and preferably be built by a company with a seasoned pet professional on their staff. In particular, the lighted dog products are being produced with no regard to the quality of the collars or the lights. We work diligently with our chosen manufacturers to insure that the batteries are secure and they stand behind the products for up to 60 days. We also add tips to orders so these products can be used correctly and at their full potential. Most pet inventions that solve a need are invented by owners who want to help their dog such as:

  • Tulanes Closet Post Surgery Garment was invented by a pet tech that wanted to find a better solution than the dog cone
  • Watson's bottom's up  leash was invented by Arnie for Watson to help him walk easily when he aged
  • Too Hot For Spot Pet Thermometer was invented by a vet who was tired of people not understanding how hot their car became
  • The ifetch ball machine was invented by a kid who wanted his dog to be able to play by himself while he did his homework
We started KeepDoggieSafe when we discovered the lighted dog leash and were almost hit by a car that claimed the only thing that saved us was the lighted leash.  At that moment, we knew our mission was clear, to help keep pets and their owners safe. So, please take a second look at the products you are buying and stop and ask if this was invented for the right reasons and if that seller is in the business to help you and your dog or to just sell at the lowest price.  And while I'm ranting, please do not call our USA well-trained pet experts who are glad to help you find the right item for your dog, then buy it elsewhere.  And if you do, good luck returning it.

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