8 Tips to Help Your Dog When You Leave

8 Tips to Help Your Dog When You Leave

Does your dog give you a pathetic look when you leave the house? Do you feel guilty? Join the club. 

Dogs don't like to be alone. They crave human attention. And spending the whole day alone makes many dogs unhappy. And when they are unhappy, they often act out. 

Dogs act out because they are expressing their needs.  Acting out can include barking, whining, chewing, soiling, digging or other destructive behavior. Often a dog barking means they are unhappy or lonely and it's a symptom of the problem, not the actual problem. Dogs are social animals and crave human attention and they do get bored and lonely.

So, how do you help your doggie not feel lonely? Here are some tips:

1. Give Your Dog Attention Before You Leave - Take your doggie for a walk or play with him or her before you leave. Your dog will get tired and will be happier when you are gone. 

2. Spend at least 30 minutes a day with your dog, playing or walking him or her. This will keep your dog happy and bonded to you and your family. 

3. Don't get a second dog to babysit your first dog. While this may help a little, you may find that you have two dogs who are craving human attention and they may BOTH act out!

4. Make sure your dog gets exercise before and after being in a crate. Dogs can tolerate up to five hours a day in a crate, but they need exercise both before and after they go in. Take your doggie for a walk at least twice a day. 

5. Consider Doggie Day Care - Doggie Day Care can help your doggie become more socialized with other dogs. Your dog will get both human and canine companionship there. 

6. Consider a mid-day visit from a Pet Sitter -  If you are routinely gone for the entire day every day, consider hiring a pet sitter to take your doggie for a walk and/or spend time with him or her for fifteen minutes or so in the middle of the day. This will help your doggie feel loved and cared for. 

7. Get your doggie plenty of interactive toys to keep them amused and entertained while you are gone. 

8. Last, but not least - love your doggie. Give your dog plenty of love and attention when you are home. 

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