Avoiding Halloween Dangers

Avoiding Halloween Dangers

With everything currently happening in the world, Halloween is definitely going to look a lot different this year, but there’s one tradition that should remain the same, and that is to always practice Halloween dog safety. What follows is a simple guide to avoiding any major holiday mishaps.


You may not be going trick or treating this year, but if you are still going to dress your dog in a costume, remember this. Never leave your dog alone while still in costume as many pet costumes could become a choking hazard in the right situation. If you are going to dye your pet’s fur, then be sure to avoid dyes made from harsh chemicals, and never apply dyes to your dog’s head or around their eyes.


Always keep your candy, treat bags, or any other assorted Halloween goodies well out of the reach of any mischievous four legged creatures you may have running around your home on Halloween night or in the days after. Many candies contain a chemical known as Xylitol, which is a sweetener. Xylitol may seem harmless if your kids can eat it, but it is extremely toxic to dogs, and exposure to it can cause low blood sugar, liver failure, seizures, and even death.

Likewise, chocolate is a no go as well. For a dog, eating chocolate is rarely fatal but it can cause serious illness. Chocolate contains a chemical known as Theobromine, as well as Caffeine. Dog’s bodies are unable to metabolize these chemicals effectively and this is what makes them so sensitive to the negative effects of Chocolate.

Some treats may contain raisins. To put it simply, a raisin is merely a dried grape and while we do not exactly know why grapes are harmful to dogs, we know they are potentially extremely fatal if consumed in even small quantities, so it is best to keep these away from your dogs as well.

On top of all of this, treat bags themselves are a major choking hazard, so watch out even after the candy is long gone.


If you are staying in this year you night be feeling the urge to decorate your house with all the trappings of a spooky haunted house, such as cobwebs, eerie lights, and flickering candles. This is perfectly fine, but be careful if you are going to do so and keep decorations away from your dog.

Fake cobwebs can be a choking hazard, or become wrapped around your dog’s intestines if ingested which could be extremely bad. If you have a dog who chews on cables and wires, make sure to hide any decorative lights or other electric decorations as chewing on the wires could lead your dog to an unpleasant shock and possibly worse.

Glow sticks are also a concern for your dog’s safety. The substance inside a glow stick is known as DBP, which, while not toxic is a caustic chemical that could burn your dog’s eyes, lips, throat or skin. The real hazard with these light sticks however is the plastic housing which could badly injure your dog’s esophagus or stomach if swallowed. Candles and flames around as much of a choking hazard, but they can easily be knocked over which could start a fire, meaning serious burns for your dog if they are left alone and are unable to get away from a fire they created.


If you are planning to go out, and you are taking your dog, make sure to keep them leashed. If your neighborhood is actually participating in trick or treating this year, there may be a lot of excitement for your dog, and they could become overstimulated or spooked by everything happening around then, and run away. A good leash will prevent this from happening.

Take a look at the wide selection of different kinds of leashes that we offer on KeepDoggieSafe.com, and make sure that your dog is safely by your side. We’d highly recommend purchasing an LED lighted leash for maximum visibility at night. You can also supplement this with an LED lighted dog collar.

Nite Beams is a company that provides all of these things and more, and their products are sturdy and trusted by the KDS team. These LED devices are visible from up to 1/2 mile out to ensure safety after dark, and the soft padded handle makes it easier to hold and puts less strain on your hand. With both a flashing mode, and a steady on mode, Nite Beams leashes and collars are our customers favorite LED dog products.

Your dog might also be frightened by the many strange costumes they are seeing, and could get scared by this and attempt to run away. If you think you will have trick or treaters coming to your door, you can also prevent any potential escapes by keeping your dog in the back of the house.


All of these scenarios have the potential to be serious, and might make Halloween seem like a much scarier time of year than you originally thought. Now that you are armed with all of the necessary knowledge to prevent your dog from getting hurt, you are more than prepared for anything you might encounter on Halloween night.

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