How to Insure Your Dog Product is Safe

How to Insure Your Dog Product is Safe

Got a Great Deal on your Dog leash? Is your dog's collar or harness is made well?

Save Money on your Dog Coupler?

Did you ever look closely at the coupler ? Both ends of the leads are sewn over the O-ring. 

What would happen if one dog was hurt, or an animal was charging you?  You would need to act fast and uncouple the dogs, particularly if one dog was hurt.

At KeepDoggieSafe, we realize that it's not your job to ask these questions.
It's the manufacturer's job as a pet brand manufacturer to test these products in actual circumstances. Unfortunately, in our new global economy, no one is testing these products. Everyone is concerned about making products at the lowest possible prices.

We care about dogs and their safety and our goal is to deliver the highest quality customer experience to protect you and your dog.

The products on the KeepDoggieSafe website have been tested and rated by a team of dog trainers and owners. Our dog testing panel is a diverse group of dog lovers across all regions in the USA and includes all size dogs from small to large. You can rest assured that a product with the KeepDoggieSafe seal of safety has been tested and is safe. We test for durability, correct fits, non-toxic elements, and for reflective and lighted products- visibility.

To earn the KeepDoggieSafe Seal of Safety the products go through the following testing:

Evaluated by a team of dog testers chosen to be best suited for the product.

  • The testing panel has representatives with all different sizes of dogs, they are from every region of the country.
  • The testers are both friendly dog owners and trainers.
  • They do their best to try to break the product under all conditions, jumping dogs, cold or hot weather, walking and running, etc.

If the product gets a score of 80 on the following attributes it earns the safety seal:

  • Durability How it holds up under dog stress & weather conditions.
  • Visibility (if reflective or lighted products).
  • Safety (non-toxic/ doesn't harm a dog in ANY WAY).
  • Value does this product deliver value for the price.
  • Usability is it easy to use, does it stay securely on the dog under all conditions.

We evaluate the manufacturer for the following criteria:

  • Number 1- CARES ABOUT & UNDERSTANDS DOGS - The products were created to solve a dog need and not just mass-market produced for business reasons.
  • Stands behind their product & listens to customer feedback.
  • Return rate under 5%.

We are proud to offer our partnership with WagSafely.  We helped them build products designed for dog's needs that are quality tested.

Please let us know if you find products you would like tested and we will test it and if needed, build a better one.

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