Over the Counter Drugs that Are Safe for Your Dog

Over the Counter Drugs that Are Safe for Your Dog

When your dog is sick, you will do anything to make them feel better.  If you can't reach your vet, you can use these over-the-counter drugs to help your best friend.

As a warning,  be certain that you’re using only the medication listed, not other ingredients. Many antihistamines, for example, include added decongestants that can be lethal for your dog. Check labels very carefully and when in doubt, don’t use.

Please note: Collies and other herding breeds may have a genetic mutation that makes certain OTC drugs on this list – even those that are considered safe for other breeds – very dangerous. Always check with your veterinarian before administering human medications.

Here's the list of Drugs to Help Your Dog:

Over the counter drugs that are safe for your dog

 Hope your dog feels better soon !

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