Top 5 Smartest Dogs

Top 5 Smartest Dogs

Have you ever wondered which dog breed is the smartest? Is your furry companion among the brightest? We've done our research and found out which breeds are considered the world's most intelligent dogs. Does yours make the list?

#5 - Doberman Pinscher

Once bred as war and police dogs, the doberman pinscher may seem fearsome, but they are actually quite gentle and docile. Smart and assertive, this popular breed can be trained for guard duty or they can simply be a great family pet.

#4 - Golden Retriever

Considered highly intelligent, the golden retriever can learn over 200 commands. They make valuable companions both in the home and in the workplace, and with their willingness to please, are a great addition to any family.

#3 - German Shepherd

Originally bred for its intelligence, the German shepherd is one of the most dependable companions around. Smart, fearless, and protective, they learn quickly and obey commands immediately. German shepherds crave purpose and direction, and this is why they make excellent guard, police, search-and-rescue and military dogs.

#2 - Poodle

Poodles are easily trained and sharp-minded. They do best with plenty of human companionship, striving to protect their owners in a guard dog capacity. These dogs excel at training and obedience, but if left alone too long, they will find their own entertainment to fend off boredom, often finding trouble in the process.

#1 - Border Collie

The border collie is considered one of the smartest dogs in the world thanks to its extraordinary intelligence and high energy. This breed requires constant purpose and direction to keep it busy, otherwise it will create its own purpose - often destructive. The high energy border collie does best with high energy humans who enjoy spending time with them and staying active. Keep in mind, if your dog is a mixed breed, he may be equally as smart as the pure-breeds on this list. Mixed breeds often have the best of all breeds combined into one dog, and they make great pets. All dogs are capable of learning, and obedience school may help those that are a little slower at picking up commands or have behavior problems. No matter what breed you own, or how smart he is, it's your job as his owner to keep him safe, happy and healthy. Keep Doggie Safe carries many dog products to help you do just that. Lighted dog collars and lighted dog leashes keep you both safe on those nighttime walks. To keep that energetic dog busy and out of trouble, and to keep his mind in tip-top shape, try our interactive dog toys.


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